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7 Classic Manicure Ideas You Can Do By Yourself

Kids, try these at home. Seriously.
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During these times, we are encouraged to practice self-care to keep ourselves sane. Skincare and hot showers are a given, but you can elevate me-time with a DIY manicure. We know painting your own nails can be indeed challenging (perfecting the polish on your dominant hand is never easy!), but consider at-home manis as a task where you can pay more attention to yourself. Think of it as an activity that will help you stayed focused and be patient. Plus, colored digits can help boost your mood, and sometimes, a pretty mani makes you believe that you're in control!

That said, we've gathered manicure ideas that are crazy-easy to replicate at home—even if you're not a nail expert! Check them all out below:

The Easiest Manicure Designs You Can Do at Home

  1. Easy manicure design you can do at home: Gradient nail trend

    Aside from being pretty, this manicure design is made for girls who can't decide which nail polish shade to get. Let's be honest. It's hard to pick that *one* perfect shade of pink. Also, painting your nails in monochromatic hues doesn't take advanced ~brush skills~. 

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  2. Easy manicure design you can do at home: Candy nail trend

    This is similar to gradient nails, but instead of choosing a nail lacquers from the same color family, the shades you select can be as random as you please.

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  3. Easy manicure design you can do at home: French manicure

    We're aware that French manicures are hard to do on your own. Thankfully, there's a hack into nailing (pun intended) this complicated design without making a mess. French manis of today are not just limited to white strips—you can explore other colors, too!

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  4. Easy manicure design you can do at home: Accent nail trend

    This one's really foolproof: Pick one finger from each hand to be the accent nail. Paint them with a nail polish that has a different color or finish. You may even draw nail art on it!

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  5. Easy manicure design you can do at home: Fresh nude nails

    If your digits need a fresh reboot, just paint them with nude nail polish that complements your skin tone.

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  6. Easy manicure you can do at home: Clean white nails

    Nothing beats a fresh coat of white polish! It looks super clean on the nails.

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  7. Easy manicure design you can do at home: Negative space manicure

    Negative space manicures show half or most of your natural nail, so they don't look awful while you grow them out.

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