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Love Local Beauty Brands? Here Are 10 More You Should Check Out

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Looking to try more Pinoy-owned beauty brands this year? Well, you don't have to search far and wide for some ~quality~ products at ~affordable~ prices! Below, 10 more local beauty brands that deserve your attention.

  1. Sundays Moderne Beauty

    Sundays Moderne Beauty has a collection of lip and cheek tints, cream blushes, brow soap, and brow pencils to cater to the everyday needs of Pinay millennials.

    Where to buy: Instagram

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  2. The Skin Foundry

    The Skin Foundry is probs known for their Pocket Blushes and Blushed Tinted Lip Balms, but did you know they also have tinted sunscreens and face mists?? We're totally ordering some tonight!

    Where to buy: BeautyMNL

  3. Filipinta Beauty

    Filipinta Beauty's first line of products, the Diwata collection, pays tribute to the native mythical creature. We love how the Diwata Eyeshadow Palette comes in a mix of neutral and vibrant shades, and how their lip glosses are perfect for Filipina skin tones.

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    Where to buy:

  4. Bubbly Skin

    What's not to love about simple yet effective beauty products that are housed in pretty pastel packaging? These will look great in your kikay kits.

    Where to buy: Shopee

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  5. Dear Self Beauty

    For those who love to always look like they're kinikilig, Dear Self Beauty's products are for you. Their matte clay blushes and tints can instantly liven up your complexion.

    Where to buy: Lazada, Shopee

  6. Made Cosmetics

    Got kalbo brows? Don't worry, Made Cosmetics is here for you. Their angled brow pencil makes it easy to draw hair-like strokes to fill in your kilay, and their brow setting gel (a godsend) will make sure your strands stay brushed up and feathery!

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    Where to buy: Instagram

  7. The Go Glass

    A skincare brand dedicated entirely to helping you achieve "glass skin?" Say hello to The Go Glass. Each product in their collection contains ingredients that aid in soothing, clearing, and hydrating your skin to amp up its radiance.

    Where to buy: Check out their Instagram for more information on resellers, distributors, and store locations.

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  8. Smink Beauty PH

    Smink has handy clay blushes they call Balm Shells that can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips, and can fit in any bag. Aside from Balm Shells, they also have body scrubs, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and lip tints.

    Where to buy: BeautyMNL, Shopee

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  9. Painted Cosmetics

    Painted Cosmetics has all kinds of blush and lip formulas that you'll be able to find one perfectly suited for your preferences. Oh, they also have skincare and body products that always get rave reviews!

    Where to buy: BeautyMNL

  10. Brow Magic

    Want to get the feathered look on your arches? Brow Magic's soap brow can help you with that. It contains castor oil, argan oil, and vitamin E to nourish your strands while keeping them groomed.

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    Where to buy: BeautyMNL



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