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Get to Know the Company Behind Celeteque, pH Care, Myra, Lactezin, and Fortima

A life well-lived begins with UL Skin Sciences Inc.

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It can get easy to forget to care for yourself during a pandemic when there are so many things to think about. There’s hardly ever enough time for yourself, but UL Skin Sciences, Inc. or ULSSI hopes to simplify self-care for you so you can live a life well-lived in all aspects.

Health protocols keep us safe in the outside world, underscoring how precious one’s health is especially during this time. Beyond looking good, how your body feels and runs is just as important, and you’ll need an arsenal of reliable products.

You might not know it yet, but some of your holy grail products are actually ULSSI offerings! Here’s a rundown of ULSSI’s brands, each one committed to helping you reach your full potential as a fun, fearless Filipina. 

For your skin beneath the mask

You would know by now that what works for your bestie’s skin might not work for you, as everyone is different and yours may require a different type of care. Different problems require different solutions and that's where Celeteque comes in.

Backed by science, Celeteque offers products that cater to a variety of skin concerns—from helping protect skin from harmful UV rays to keeping skin fresh and clean. Celeteque also has creams and serums formulated to help nourish skin, because beauty with a plus starts with choosing the right range of products for you. 

Care for down there

Various parts of the body require special care and this holds true for your feminine area, and some soaps in the market may be too harsh for your delicate lady parts. Enter pH Care, a specialized cleanser designed specifically to help keep your feminine area clean, all the while matching your natural pH level!

The cleansers come in a variety of scents and sizes with particular ones catering to specific concerns. On the go? They’ve got travel wipes too!

Glowing from within

Fun fact: your skin is your largest organ in the body! It’s constantly weathering the sun, the changing climate, dust, and more and a little TLC can never start too early.

Every area demands specific care, but it pays to keep its overall health in tip-top shape with enriching vitamins. Myra is most known for its Vitamin E vitamins and supplements, but did you know they also have products for your face and body for that confident glow? Myra’s topical range of solutions offers products such as body lotion, facial wash, and moisturizers that can help brighten your complexion for a more radiant look.

Apart from a healthy glow, Myra Ultimate is another well-loved supplement that provides anti-aging benefits to help you get firm skin for a youthful complexion.

Maskne who?

Acne scars, especially deep ones, can be a problem not just for women, but men, too! Getting to the root of the problem is tougher—addressing painful pimples before they get worse.

(Lactoferrin + d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate + Zinc)  Lactezin is an anti-acne treatment and pimple solution you can buy over the counter to help treat pimples in as early as two weeks. It’s clinically tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, so you can rest easy as you keep the zits away.

Dreading red days no more

Shark week is probably something you dread every month—the discomfort it brings can really affect your mood, don't you agree?

UL Skin Sciences, Inc. aims to make red days better with GynePro, a feminine wash specially formulated for red days that helps protect you from vaginal odor, itch, and irritation so you can feel as confident as ever even during that time of the month!

Health is wealth

The lull of time cooped up indoors can be so draining, and breaking out from the cycle can seem so daunting, especially when so many have remained sedentary for so long.

For the gal looking for the next great adventure to conquer, (Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Zinc) Fortima’s got your back. The multivitamin contains 500 mg of non-acidic Vitamin C, 27.5 mg of Zinc, and 22 mg of Vitamin E to help cover all your bases and keep you strong for your next endeavor.

These brands from UL Skin Sciences Inc. all work to help you build your confidence and take you a step closer to living a life well-lived. 

Check out this video for more on ULSSI:

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