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Genius Hairstyles To Hide Your Bangs

The awkward phase of your bangs can be a b*tch.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/renzpangilinan, (RIGHT) Instagram/yassipressman

What hairstyles can I do to hide my bangs?

If you’re growing out your bangs because you’ve decided that you're not ino them anymore, here are some hairstyles you can do to hide them:

1. Do a center part.

If your fringes are*kind of* long enough, try doing a messy center part matched with loose waves for an instant Boho feel, like Coleen Garcia's 'do.

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2. Pin in back.

The easiest way to hide your bangs, of course is to pull them back and pin them against your hair. You can either keep it simple like Alex Gonzaga or add some braids like Liza Soberano.

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3. Bring out those headbands.

When was the last time you picked up your headbands? Take a cue from Yassi Pressman and keep your hair away from your face by using a head wrap for casual days.

4. Do a sweet braid.

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Braid only the front part of your hair, nearest the crown for a more dressed-up take on pinning your hair back. Don’t forget to loosen up—or pancake—those braids like Bela Padilla

5. Go sleek.

Aside from being the perfect hairstyle to hide unwashed hair, slicking your hair back with some hair wax or gel can also work to hide your growing bangs. This hairstyle might seem a little intimidating, but it really all depends on how you style the rest of your look.

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6. Twist and tuck.

Take your hair from day to night with the easy-to-cop hairstyle on Anne Curtis. After parting your hair into two sections, twist each section towards your head then pin them down. You can either leave the rest of your hair down like Anne or put it up in a bun. Literally takes five minutes to do!

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