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10 Hairstyles You Can Try For Bad Hair Days

Or when you're just super tamad.

1. Sleek low ponytail. Use a fine-toothed comb to part your hair and do a low ponytail. Work in some hair gel or hair spray to keep frizzies in place, just like Liz Uy's 'do:

2. Tie it up. If you don’t have a headband that looks like what Janine Gutierrez has in this photo, use a bandana, scarf, or even a necktie to spice up your boring bun.

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3. Go sporty. Throw on a baseball cap to instantly hide the traces of greasy roots or frizzy locks, just like Maja Salvador:

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4. Half up, half down. Take a cue from Boho queen and master of lazy looks, Vanessa Hudgens, and try this messy half up, half down hair ‘do.

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5. Go backwards. Liza Soberano throws on a cap backwards, giving off that cool chick vibe to complete her look.

6. Play with your part. If you always part your hair to one side, the easiest way to change things up is to do a center part, like Kim Jones.

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7. Throw on a hat. Going for an impromptu road trip? Throw on that straw hat for instant ~summer vibes~, like Laureen Uy. Keep your tresses from forming annoying hat hair by securing them in a loose and low ponytail.

8. Use flowers. Remember when you were a kid and you’d put a flower in your ear just because? You can totally pull off that look even as a grown-up. Here’s Nadine Lustre to prove it:

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9. Do a messy top knot. Perhaps this is the easiest hairstyle you can do for bad hair days, because it will never not look good on you. Check out Isabelle Daza's 'do:

10. Braid it! To keep your look relaxed and laid-back, do a loose and messy side braid, just like Anne Curtis' plait.

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