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11 Of The Most Colorful Hair Trends Of 2015

Might as well name it Rainbow Hair Year.

2015 was a pretty colorful year for hair. We spotted so many colored hair trends that it was hard to keep track (we may have missed some!) of them. Here, a lookback on the craziest trends that we loved this year.

Macaron Hair

This one is dubbed as the “toned down” cousin of rainbow hair and inspired by those super sarap French pastries. No wonder it actually looks delectable.

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Pixelated Hair

Not only is this trend colorful, it’s also quite ~*trippy*~ and cool!

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Granny Hair

Yeah, so gray hair became super trendy this year and we understand why: the hints of black, blue, and green instantly give depth and dimension to locks.

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Split Dye Hair

Split dye means literally splitting your hair into two sections then dyeing each section in a different color. When done in black and white, you could end up looking like Cruella de Vil. LOL.

Rainbow Brows

Okay, technically this isn’t about the hair on our head, but this one was half-amusing, half-alarming. We didn't see Pinays catch up on this trend though (well, if they even tried it!).

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Remember that time Anne Curtis fooled us into thinking that she had gone blonde when she was really just wearing a wig? Good times, y’all. Anne’s pasabog kind of triggered our secret dreams of going blonde, too.

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Hair Tapestry

This one required zero bleaching or hair dyeing—just colorful thread to add character to the locks. We dub Hair Tapestry as the new cool girl hairstyle. Bye, flower crowns!

Opal Hair

This trend shows off muted, washed-out hair colors that create a pearl-like finish. Feminine and pretty, just the way we like it.

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Oil Slick Hair

The darker cousin of Opal hair, which uses deeper hues to create a rainbow effect. Popsugar reports that this trend is better for people with dark hair, because minimal bleaching is required.

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Galaxy Hair

This one drew inspiration from the galaxy (duh), planets, outer space, and possibly Star Wars.

Secret Rainbow Hair

Of all the colorful trends we saw this year, this one’s definitely one of our favorites! Secret rainbow hair is perfect for women who want to get in on the trend, but aren’t big on looking loud.

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What was your favorite colorful hair trend this year? Let us know!

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