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11 Signs You Should Just Get a Lob Already

Everybody's doing it.

Long hair is amazing—you can do a million things with it (Hello, Elsa braid!)—but sometimes it's nice to switch it up and cut your hair to your collarbone. And sometimes, there might be a real benefit to doing so. If you answer yes to one (or more!) of the following statements, it's time to lose some length.? 

Here are 11 signs you need to take the plunge and get a long bob already (along with some major lob inspo for your viewing pleasure).

1. You've been bleaching your hair or ombré-ing it for a while. Sound familiar? If so, it's probably time to cut it to get rid of some of the damaged ends. Hairstylist Frankie Foye, who gave Alessandra Ambrosio her brand new lob, said Alessandra wanted to go shorter after years of highlighting her hair. "Debbie Harry and Patti Smith were the inspiration, so it felt more rocker," Foye notes. 


2. You have more thickness in your roots and mid-length, but your ends are thinner. This is a common ratio, says Bryce Scarlett, who gave Gigi Hadid her faux bob for the American Music Awards. "By getting a lob, you cut your hair at one of it fullest points, so your hair appears thicker from roots to ends," he adds. ?

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If you have thicker hair to start, stylist Harry Josh, who tends to the tresses of lob-lovers Bella Hadid, Rose Byrne, and Kate Bosworth, recommends having your stylist texturize and thin it out from the mid-length down, so you don't end up with a triangle-shaped hairstyle.?


3. Your hair feels flat and lifeless. Going shorter will give your hair more volume and going for blunt ends will give the illusion of fullness, says celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, who gave Khloé Kardashian her latest lob?.


4. You're over long beachy waves, but don't want to part with the bend in your hair. Long beachy waves will always be beautiful, but if you want to shake it up a bit when it comes to your strands, go for a lob. You get the best of both worlds with a long bob because they look great straightened (like Kate Bosworth's mane), but they also look amazing highly textured (like Bella Hadid's hair), which can resemble beachy waves done differently, Josh says.


5. Your hair looks frayed or split at the ends. Sure, you can apply all kinds of hair potions to make your hair look like it isn't frizzy, but the only way to remedy split ends is to give your hair a trim. What's even better than a trim? Foye recommends cutting off some length every once in a while to give yourself a fresh style and healthier-looking hair. "The good thing about a lob is that they're usually cut in a choppy, layered way, so you know it will look good for the next three months as it grows out," she adds.?

6. You've been eyeing short hair for ages but are scared to make the cut. Since lobs are cut right below your collarbone, they still allow you to have some length (aka you can still put your hair into a ponytail). Plus, your hair will be long again in no time if you choose to grow it back out, making the decision to go shorter less scary than you think, says Atkin.


7. You're looking for a flattering style. One size fits almost everyone when it comes to this style. One note: If you have a longer-shaped face, you'll want to make sure your stylist builds up the width of your hair (like Scarlett did to his hair in the above photo). "Lobs are lengthening to begin with and can elongate a long face even more, says Scarlett. "So by adding width with slight layers and incorporating texturizing products into your regimen, you can balance out the length slightly, reducing how much it elongates your face."

8. You want to appear taller. Here's the thing: You have the right to wear any hairstyle you'd like, but having really long hair when you're short can make you appear even shorter than you are. "Getting a lob brings the length of your hair closer to your face, making it the focus and making you appear taller, since the proportions are more in par with your body," Scarlett says.


9. You don't want your hair to weigh you down. If you're busty and have long hair that you love, then more power to you. But having long hair (especially with zero layers) can bring heaviness to your look. Opting for a lob over long hair can open your chest and neckline, trading the heaviness of your old hair for a lighter look, Scarlett notes.


10. You hate wearing your long hair down. But you're also sick of putting it up into a ponytail or a top knot. For this reason, Atkin recommends getting a lob. The length won't get in your way, so you won't mind wearing it down, but it's long enough that you can still put it up in a ponytail if you so desire.


11. You have trouble styling your own hair. Sure, when you leave the salon, it looks great, but if you feel like you can never style it on your own, Atkin suggests opting for a shorter length that's easier to manage on a daily basis.


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