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12 Things You Must Know Before A DIY Dye Job

Do before you dye.

So you finally decided to color your strands and you’re going to DIY, too? That’s awesome, CG! Before you embark on this brave beauty journey, here are a few tips that’ll help make it easier for you. It may seem like a lot to think about, but don’t worry. Once you see your gorgeous, new hue, it’ll be sooo worth the effort.

 1. You need to make tough decisions.
Honey, auburn, blue-black…so many colors to choose from. Tip: Go for golden browns if you have fair skin. If you have darker skin, try chocolate and caramels to bring out your tan.

2. Sometimes, you’ll need more than one box.
Gals with thick hair will want to buy another box to make sure they don’t run out of dye halfway through the process.

 3. Pre-shampoo.
Before coloring, wash your strands sans conditioner the night before. If you’re worried about the damage, apply a hair mask two days before you color, too.

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4. It’s not rocket science, but it sure feels like it. 
Sometimes, you have to mix two tubes together to activate the chemicals. Follow instructions carefully! P.S. If your box doesn’t come with a bowl or an application brush, make sure you prep these beforehand also. 

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5. Use old clothes and towels.
Applying your hair dye messy, so use old (or dark) clothes and towels just in case they get stained.

6. Do a strand test.

Once you’ve prepared your color, apply it over a chunk of hair by your nape. This way, you can gauge how long you need to leave it on until you get the color you want.

7. Wear the gloves.
Trust us, you don’t want to have to explain to your boss why your hands have icky, brown streaks the next day.

8. Protect your skin.
Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly around your ears, hairline, and your jawline. This way, you can easily wash the dye off after.

9. Go for sections.
Don’t just slap on your color haphazardly. Mimic the way the pros do it at salons by starting underneath and working your way up in sections.

10. Set a timer. 

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Maybe even two. Catching up on the latest episodes of the Kardashians or checking your IG feed can be a major time suck.

11. Rinsing’s a bitch.
Whether you rinse in the shower or over the sink, the dye will bleed and go all over the place. Get ready to clean up your tiles if you’re OC.

12. Do it with a friend. 
Because it’s always fun to have moral support and someone who can assure you that you look super fab afterwards!

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