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13 Struggles Of Growing Out Your Hair

You look at your old photos when you had long hair and get a little emotional.

1. You often look at your old photos when you had long hair and get a little emotional.

“Why? Why did I ever decide to cut it short?” you ask yourself. 

2. Your Google history contains questions like “how to make your hair grow faster.”

You gotta do what you gotta do. 

3. You’ve also searched Pinterest for DIY solutions in the hopes that one of them will work and you’ll magically get long locks in a couple of weeks. 

And you’ve totally gone to the mall to get apple cider vinegar for your hair. 

4. Your shower has about 10 different shampoos and conditioners that promise to make your hair grow longer than other brands. 

At this point, you don’t even know what works anymore. 

5. You’ve also considered getting hair extensions. 

If they work for celebs, they should work for you, too. 

6. You spend hours on YouTube watching “hairstyles for short hair” tutorials but almost always end up disappointed. 

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How do they make it look so easy? The girl said you literally only needed five minutes to nail the look and yet there you are, looking like a hot mess. 

7. Hair pins are your new best friends. 

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Because you had to say goodbye to your precious hair ties when you decided to make the chop. Now you just have hair pins and clips with you everywhere. Literally everywhere!

8. When your friends reminisce about important moments in your life, they say things like “Uyyyy long hair ka pa noon!” and “Iba pa itsura mo noon!

Thanks, guys!

9. You stalk celebrities like Emma Watson and Jennifer Larence to see how they got through their awkward phase.

Then you remember that you’re not an A-list Hollywood celeb who has a full glam team at her beck and call so you just sit there and sigh.

10. You’ve gotten so much use out of your hot tools while growing out your hair, because ironing the ends or curling them was the only you can tame them.

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You still gotta look decent!

11. The day you get to put your hair up in a ponytail again, you know it will be amazing!

Always worth the wait!

12. You promise yourself over and over again that you will “never do it again.”

LOL, you’re so funny!

13. Part of you knows that when you grow your hair back again, you WILL miss having short locks.

Now, you’ll spend more money on hair products and thinking of more ways to style it. #arte #arte

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