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17 Very Real Thoughts Every Girl Has Had While Getting A Haircut

'Ooooh new magazines!'

1. “I’m actually doing it.” I’ve planned for this moment for months and months and here I am sitting in the chair looking ~*all mature*~ and stuff. I can get through this.

2. “And I am doing this all for myself.” Even though they said in Legally Blonde that the number one cause for all bad hair decisions is love! This has absolutely nothing to do with my breakup or the super life-changing event that just happened. 

3. “My favorite part of haircuts is the head massage I get while getting a shampoo.” Saraaaaaaaap. Now I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth!

4. “A little trim won’t hurt!” My hairdresser totally understands what I mean by “just a trim” right. Not too short! Just long enough for me to still put my hair up in a messy bun and short enough for me to look cute with my hair down.

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5. “Maybe I should just ask her to do whatever she wants and surprise me after.” Lol. I’m so funny.

6. “Ooooh new magazines!” Maybe I should just start reading them—that will distract me from overthinking this haircut.

7. “Ohmygod why is there so much hair on the floor.” IS THAT ALL FROM ME?! Hold up, I said an inch!!!

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8. “Sabi ng hairstylist gets na niya yung gusto ko.But it looks SO short. Am I ready for this change!? I made a mistake. Shet.

9. “I wonder if my hair will really look like my peg?” I mean all I want is Jessica Alba’s haircut. Please don’t leave me looking like a sad little girl whose mother forced her to get a haircut.

10. “I hope he gives me a buhaghag-free haircut!” You know how some hairstylists just KNOW how to cut wavy and curly hair without making it look like a hot mess? Yeah, I sure hope this person is one of them.

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11. “Why am I doing this?” Okay naman yung hair ko lately. Arte ko kasi e!

12. “Why are haircuts so expensive anyway?” Like I think I can do it myself…? Should I just do it myself next time? How hard is it to create layers on your own hair?

13. “What if the hairstylist fucks up my hair?” Can I file a complaint for that? Can I sue? How will I go out of the house now?

14.  “Why did they place the menu of services in front of me while I’m getting a haircut?” It’s a trap! They want me to know that a hot oil treatment will only cost me an extra 500 bucks and that a mani-pedi combo will cost just a little more. I don’t need those. Nope!!!

15. “Hopefully when they blow dry my hair, it will be ~*perf*~.” Bouncy and shiny hair! Can I have it like this every day? Okay, guess that means no ligo  for a day to show off my perfectly blow-dried hair!

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16. “Okay, I should relax. It’s hair. It’ll grow back!” But I still hope she doesn’t fuck up my hair. Please. Help. Me.

17. “Gutom na ako.So where should I eat after this? 

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