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18 Beauty Resolutions For Every Cosmo Girl

Be your most beautiful self this year.
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It’s Cosmopolitan Philippines’ 18th anniversary, and we want you, Cosmo Girls, to celebrate with us! Over the years, we’ve watched you turn into 100% fun, fearless Pinays—winning in the workplace, being smarter in relationships, traveling and making new experiences, and looking and feeling fantastic through all of it. A huge part of being a true-blue Cosmo Girl is taking care of the way you look—when you look good, your confidence soars, and all these good vibes just spread out from within you to your work, your family, and your relationships. 

On our 18th year, we encourage you to be your most beautiful self with 18 beauty resolutions to help you do just that.  

1. Watch what you eat.

Trust us, a good diet—or a bad one—will show on your face. 

2. Keep your teeth in topnotch form.

Nothing brightens up a face better than a pristine set of pearly whites.

3. Embrace your tresses.

Whether they’re long or short, thick or fine, straight or curly, wear that mane proud, girl! Don't forget to give it some lovin' with a #BeautyCrush certified miracle conditioner.

4. Don’t scrimp on a good haircut.

It’s something you’ll have to see in the mirror—and live with—every day.

5. Steam and style away!

Go crazy! Curl it, perm it, color it! Stop worrying and try out new styles. Let Cosmo's Beauty Crush, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle, worry about protecting your hair from damage. You'll love flipping your hair as you see three months of damage gone in three minutes.

6. Dry your hair before heading out.

You’ll look totes ready for the day ahead, not like you just dragged yourself out of the shower and into the street.

7. Have a signature scent that’s totally you.

It’s an instant boost, knowing that you’re all you from head to toe.

8. Invest in your looks.

Choose to splurge on one great beauty pick rather than on a dozen cheapo ones that will only collect dust on your vanity table.

9. Go ahead, experiment.

That look you never dared to try before just might be the look that brings out your inner Beyoncé.

10. Don’t wait ‘til you hit 40 before you start investing in skin care.

Your future self will thank you later.

11. Get to know—really know—your skin.

Find out what products are best for you, what colors look great on you, what makeup flatters you the most.

12. Whoever says that only light skin is beautiful doesn’t know squat.

Go glow in the hue you were born with, whether you’re morena, mestiza, or chinita.

13. Remember: Every single inch of you is worth the effort.

Go ahead, slather on that extra dollop of moisturizer not just on your face, but on your body, too.

14. No matter how tired or wasted you are, never sleep with your makeup still on.

Happy pores = happy face!

15. Don’t skip the sunscreen when stepping out.

A little kindness to your skin goes a looong way.

16. You can never have too much beauty rest.

Turn off the TV, put down your phone, and get shut-eye earlier so you can wake up looking fresh the next day.

17. After all that work, you deserve to de-stress, doll.

Set a monthly pampering sesh to get your mojo back.

18. Flash that fantastic smile.

Not only will it cheer others up, seeing them smile back will cheer you up, too!

Girls, you can definitely achieve your most beautiful self this year by committing to totally doable lifestyle tweaks and choosing only beauty products that bring out the best in you. One pick that’s sure to give you the results you deserve is Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, which is why we named it our first-ever Cosmo Beauty Crush! It's guaranteed to give Cosmo Girls a hair care makeover by repairing and sealing damaged strands and preventing nasty split ends in the future.

As a bonus, Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner will come with a pair of Sunnies this summer! Get the 2-for-1 combo for only P359. That's P299 off its original price of P658. Avail of this awesome deal when you buy Pantene's special summer pack through Zalora, Lazada, and in major supermarkets nationwide.

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