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20 Struggles Only Naturally Curly-Haired Pinays Will Understand

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1. You endured a childhood of taunts. “Basta kulot, salot!” and nicknames such as Goldilocks, Lion King, and Sto. Niño. 

2. Having embarrassing school photos where your hair looks like a ball of frizz, thanks to over brushing, hours of blow-drying, hair ironing, and other futile attempts to tame it.

3. Bangs = tricky, but doable! 

4. The brush is the enemy. It is always the enemy.

5. In fact, you’ve broken a lot of brushes, elastics, and clips in this lifetime.

6. …Which is why you LOL at girls who ask, “May I borrow your brush?” Do I look like I have a brush in my bag?

7. Enduring the nightmare of your first hair rebonding or straightening experience… and the ensuing laughter when you enter the classroom the next day with a botched hair-straightening job.

8. Getting unsolicited hair advice and backhanded comments from people who have NOOOO idea what it’s like to be curly.

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9. Having things stuck in your hair—a leaf that fell from a tree, a feather from a bird that flew by, crumbs from your recent meal, and other things you unknowingly picked up throughout the day. Your missing earring might just be in the jungle that is your hair!

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10. You panic when it rains. Humidity equals frizz apocalypse.

11. Getting annoyed at people who compare you with “fake curls”—models or celebs who permed or curl-ironed their hair for a soft, tame wave. “Why can’t your hair be like that?” Because those curls are not real!

12. People treat you like a mascot or amazing artwork to behold. Grabe, kulot na kulot yung buhok mo, noh? Pwedeng hawakan?” Uhm, 'WAG.

13. Seeing the mortified look on parloristas’ faces whenever you enter the salon in all your curly, frizzy glory. Naku, anong gagawin natin sa buhok mo? I-rebond na lang natin yan!” Eh kung i-rebond ko 'yung mukha mo. Okay lang?

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14. Getting annoyed when friends and hairstylists think that you will look more beautiful if you have straight hair.

15. Learning that your expensive rebonding session looks great for only two months, and then the curls creep out of your roots, giving you a weird crown.

16. Being offered to buy a straightening iron as soon as you enter Watsons.

17. Spending loads of money on hair products—such as moisturizing shampoos, gels, styling creams, leave-on conditioners—until you find the best products that work for your curls. And then you use them for life!

18. Going through many hairstylists until you find the one who can handle your curls. If/when you do find him, it’s a match mane in heaven!

19. Your hair always gets in the way. Good luck to the person standing behind you in an elevator, the friend sitting beside you when you attempt a sexy hair flip, or the next guy who tries to make out with you.

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20. After years of trial and error, you figured out the right way to style your curls and no longer yearn for pin-straight, shampoo commercial hair. You finally learned to embrace your curls—frizz and all.

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