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Here Are The Trendiest Hairstyles And Haircuts Of 2019

PHOTO: (left) instagram/iamsofiaandres; (right) instagram/senoritajessy

We definitely didn't give our locks a break this 2019—it seemed like there was always a new 'do that was trending on our Insta feeds. Here, we rounded up all the ~cool~ hairstyles and haircuts we saw throughout the year:

  1. Bob

    This timeless and ultra-versatile hairstyle has been a popular choice for 2019 and we can totally see why! It's fuss-free and low-maintenance—perfect for girls who are constantly on the go. For the edgier girls, bobs with microbangs ruled.

  2. Lob

    For all the girls who wanted to have just a ~tiny~ bit of change to their do' this year, the lob was definitely the go-to look. Not too short, but also not too long, this hairstyle was the perfect choice!

  3. Full fringe

    Oh, bangs. We def have a love-hate relationship with them. They're ~super~ high-maintenance and we hated them after a few weeks because of how sumpungin they are, but the fact still remains that they were one of the most popular cuts to have this 2019! We're also calling it: Bangs are still going to be huge in 2020. Here's a guide to hairstyles with bangs that you might want to try next!

  4. Wispy bangs

    ~Wispy~ bangs were BIG this year. It was the perf cut to get if you didn't want to commit to its more high-maintenance sister. (We're talking about you, full bangs.)

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  5. Micro bangs

    A more daring take on bangs! Instead of your fringe reaching your eyebrows, it stopped a few millimeters before it, thus creating this ultimate cool-girl haircut.

  6. Baby hairs

    Instead of getting annoyed at our baby hairs, we grew to love and embrace them. Check out how Ylona Garcia's baby hair was styled and gelled down to create her interesting lewk during the 2019 ABS-CBN Ball.

  7. Flipped ends

    We're so glad this no-fuss hairstyle from the '90s is back. We spotted Kim Kardashian sporting it a few months back, and since then, we've been flipping the ends of our strands, too!

  8. Pixie cut

    At one point in 2019, celebs decided to say "fuck it" and cut off a huge chunk of their hair to get a pixie cut! It's a surefire way to make you look fresh-faced. Maricar Reyes even checked off an item in our list by dyeing hers platinum blonde! What a cool girl.

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