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4 Super Cheap Beauty Hacks For A Fun And Fearless You In 2015

You may be broke, but at least you'll be ~*fabulous*~.

1. Change your hair part.

Girl, 2015 na! If you’ve had that center part since you were seven years old, now is the right time to amp up your hair game. Here’s what to do: Next time you look in front of a mirror, flip your hair to the left, and then flip it back to the right. Your hair will look totally different, depending on where you part is because of your hair’s layers. Figure out which part you look best in, and rock that side part! 

2. Shake up your beauty routine.

Remember when Taylor Swift came out on the cover of Wonderland magazine with full eyebrows, bronzed skin, and neutral lips? She looked almost unrecognizable (and we mean that in a good way), because people were so used to seeing her in a sexy cat eye on her lids and bold red lips. 

Take a cue from Taylor and do something different with your makeup look this year and surprise everyone. If your go-to look is a black smokey eye, ditch that and go for a barefaced look instead. If you’ve been doing the no makeup look, see how you’ll feel with a full face. If red is your go-to lip color, try rocking a pretty pink or a bright orange shade for a change. You will never know what looks good on you if you don’t try! SO TRY!


3. Give your eyebrows some love.
Sure, your kilay peg Cara Delevingne says she’s never let anyone touch or tweeze her brows, but that doesn’t mean you should completely skip your brow threading appointments. Getting rid of unnecessary hair under and above your brows will brighten and frame your face. Plus, improving your kilay game will give you good juju for 2015, we swear. 

4. Treat yourself to a face mask twice a week.
In between sessions with your dermatologist, squeeze in a little pampering session at home by putting on a face mask for 15 minutes, and forget the world. It’s the easiest way to instantly brighten your face. Most masks are actually exfoliators, so they’ll get rid off dead skin cells from your face—making your creams, moisturizers and serums work better since your skin can absorb them better!

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