5 Hair Ideas That Can Help You Leave A Good Impression

Leave a ~golden~ impression with these tips.
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Christmas (and all the parties and events that go with it) is fast approaching! It's important to leave a good impression, especially if you'll be reuniting with people you haven't seen in awhile, or set to meet people you've yet to impress.

Here are some no-fail hairstyles that will make you feel ~golden~ during the holidays:

For Girls' Night Out: Straight And Down

Nothing screams "strong, independent woman" more than super straight locks (and a sharp cat eye!). Work your curling iron as you would a straightening iron or blow dryer. This will curl the ends inwards, neatly tucking them in.

For The Office Christmas Party: A Sleek Ponytail

There's a way to let loose while still looking profesh. Use a fine-toothed comb to form your ponytail, then apply hair clay or gel to keep your locks in place.

For The High School Reunion: Loose Waves

Create loose waves with a curling iron (or rollers, if you don't want to use heat), then finger-comb before spritzing on some setting spray.

For Family Lunch: A Half Updo

Make your lola proud with this preppy 'do. You can either style it simply or add some braids, a bun, or a ribbon to the mix.

For Christmas Dinner: A Top Bun

Whether your Christmas dinners are held in hotels or at home, a top bun would dress up any look. If your dinner's a casual affair, finger-comb when you create your bun. For a formal event, use a comb and some mousse to tighten and seal in your top knot.

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