5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Haircut

Avoid haircut regrets.
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We know it's exciting to get yourself a new look, but before you book a salon appointment to have your long tresses snipped, answer the quick questions below to avoid any regrets.

What am I doing this for?

If your emotions are fluctuating (period hormones, hello), wait it out for about two weeks before you finally get your locks chopped off. You might end up getting even more stressed if you do it on impulse.

On the other hand, if you’re really tired of your current ‘do and you just want a style refresh, start browsing the internet and bookmark haircut pegs.

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Will the cut work for my face shape and hair texture?

These two things will determine if your desired haircut will work for you. Curls and waves need to be layered to avoid a triangle-shaped mane. Straight tresses can pull off both shaggy and blunt cuts. 

Any layered cut past the shoulder softens wide cheekbones, full cheeks, and strong jawlines. Super short and blunt cuts flatter oval faces in general.

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How short am I willing to go?

Do you like wearing a ponytail? If you do, then the shortest you can go is shoulder-length. Any cut above that will make it hard for you to put your hair up.

Will I be ready for the maintenance?

We all love how great our tresses look after a blowout, but ask yourself if you can replicate everything your stylist did. Wash and wear hairstyles like a lob or long, layered locks can easily be styled in the morning.

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Will I miss my long hair?

If you are the type who gets upset about the amount of chopped hair you see on the floor after a haircut, then maybe you can just ask for a trim to get rid of split ends and freshen up your 'do.

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