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5 Summer Beauty Fixes You Should Know

These beauty hacks will rid you of summer's ever-present dry spell.
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Ah, summer—the perfect excuse to get a tan, wear skimpy dresses, and book that beach trip you've been lusting over. But the sun can work against you as much as for you—it's also the season of sweat, sunburn, and—gasp—dry hair and skin. Don't worry, we have your back—these five beauty hacks will surely save your summer.

1. Swim in Sunscreen

If dermatologists demand that you wear SPF all year, what more when the sun is at its hottest? And it's not enough to slather it once; you have to reapply throughout the day. 

2. Hydrate!

Forgetting to drink enough water will make your skin look parched and lifeless and cause other health issues. Fill up with fluids for a glow that can't be faked by your favorite bronzer.

3. Treat Yourself To A Hair Miracle

By treat, we mean serious spoiling. Why not switch from a daily conditioner to a treatment conditioner? Treatment conditioners such as Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle (our personal favorite, and Cosmo's first-ever Beauty Crush!) instantly nourishes hair and repairs it from damage—perfect for the summer beauty survivor.

4. Discover this: Tinted Moisturizer

The ever-pressing #summergirlproblem: makeup or no makeup at the beach? Well, why not find a happy medium? Experiment with beauty multitaskers such as BB or CC cream, so you can get the coverage you want without sacrificing the skin hydration you need.

5. Blot A Lot

Heat makes the skin produce more oil, and oil attracted dirt and bacteria, leading to acne. Bring oil-blotting film or tissue with you wherever you go, so the only thing that'll shine is the sun and not your T-zone. 

Know all the tricks to staying fresh this season! Take our favorite summer fix, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle. An intensive hair treatment, it repairs and nourishes hair in an instant and reduces split ends with continued use. Grab a bottle from Zalora now!

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