6 Hacks For Your Most Annoying Hair Problems

Simple ways to plump up super-fine hair, define your curls, and get rid of frizz fast.

With a zillion options, how do you know which products and styles will work for you? Here, the experts share their best tips for all your most annoying hair problems. 

1. The situation: Your hair is frizzy.

The solution: Go for a cream or gel that tames unruly hair, says celebrity hairstylist and L'Oréal spokesperson Jennifer MacDougall. Oils are also great, as they hydrate, smooth, and moisturize thick, frizzy hair easily. However, steer clear of beach sprays—they're meant to add texture, which doesn't always play well with voluminous frizz. 

2. The situation: Your hair is super fine.

The solution: Celebrity hairstylist Nick Stenson recommends picking foam and texturizing products. Skip heavy creams, oils, and pomades, which will only weigh your hair down. Layering products (no more than two) when styling, along with using heat tools to add texture, will give your hair a thicker look and feel. Stenson also cautions against pulling or tying your hair back too tight. Fine hair is already prone to breakage, and elastics can make it worse. 

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3. The situation: Your hair is ?really dry.

The solution: Weekly deep conditioning. Argan oil will also moisturize your parched locks and make them soft, silky, and shiny again. Avoid sprays, gels, and mousses that contain alcohol and parabens, and reach for alcohol-free versions instead. To protect the ends of your hair (which are very susceptible to breakage), get creative with styles like braids, two-strand twists, flat twists, topknots, buns, chignons, and French rolls. And resist the urge to wash your hair or use heat styling tools every day—both will sap the moisture right out of your hair. 

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4. The situation: Your hair is thick and coarse.

The solution: You need your hair to fully absorb any product you use; if it just sits on the outside, it will only add more thickness, according to hair stylist Kevin Murphy. Creams, lotions, and oils are way better than gels and waxes, which can leave a shell-like finish. Wear your hair down, embracing your natural texture (think soft beach waves), or try braids and twists to create interesting updos. 

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5. The situation: Your curls are all over the place.

The solution: Dove Curl Expert Cynthia Alvarez recommends you go for products that have natural oils to help you define your curls, as curly hair tends to dry out easily. For fine to medium curls, keep the products lightweight: Try a creme serum or a lightweight mousse that's made specifically for curly hair. For medium-to-thick ringlets, creams and gels work best. Start with a leave-in creme serum, then follow with a curly hair cream or gel that will give you strong hold and resist humidity minus the crunch and flakiness. For thick, coarse, and coily curls, butters are always better. This type of curl needs thicker, richer products to effectively hydrate and keep the frizzies away. 

6. The situation: Your hair is oily.

The solution: Dry shampoo is where it's at. It'll zap up all the oily roots and provide volume where needed, according to celeb stylist Anthony Nader. Skip anything with sodium lauryn sulphate, which damages and dries out hair, and avoid products that have natural oils added to them—they will only exacerbate the problem. Also, stick to lukewarm showers (hot water will over-activate your sebaceous glands and just promote more oil) and never play with your hair with your fingers—you'll only spread the oil (gross). 

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This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors. 

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