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6 Things To Know Before Getting Full Bangs

Read before you chop.

We’re gonna get real with you: Sporting perfectly-framed bangs probably requires a lot more coif commitment than you realize. Sure, it looks edgy and cute at the same time. And yes, Zooey Deschanel does pull off her fringe flawlessly. But it’s still important to do a little research and figure out whether your face shape (and lifestyle) is really suited for the look you’re pining for—especially before you visit your stylist. Check out your get-real guidelines here!

Know Your Face Shape

There are actually different ways to cut full bangs, so that they flatter any face shape. What’s crucial: the length and weight of your fringe. For gals with heart-shaped faces, piecey, brow-grazing bangs that are longer along the sides are best. Blunt, heavy cuts are a no-no for round-faced beauties, but are actually flattering on those with square-shaped faces. The lucky ones? Ladies with an oval face shape—practically any fringe look will look good on you.


Know Your Hair Texture

If your hair is on the wavy side or is prone to fly-aways, then expect to run into a little trouble when it comes to managing how well your bangs fall across your forehead—especially if it’s humid outside. To help control them, invest in the right products like an anti-frizz cream, hair spray, and a round brush to help make sure your strands frame your face perfectly.

Adjust Your Prep Time.

If you’re always rushing in the morning and barely have time to dry your hair, then you might want to walk away from high-maint bangs. You have to be prepared to add five to 10 minutes more to blow dry and style your fringe. Otherwise, you may just end up clipping your locks haphazardly to the side and waiting impatiently for it to grow out. Have a bigger budget? A smoothening treatment, like a Keratin or Brazilian Blowout, can help speed up your primping process.

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Get Ready To Do More Salon Runs.

Studies show that your hair grows about half an inch each month. Since the length and weight of your bangs are the key to making sure you look g-o-o-d, you’ll need to visit the salon more often for a quick trim. It’s a bit costly and time-consuming—unless you’re daring enough to snip your own fringe. But please, PLEASE don’t.

Watch Out For Breakouts.

On your forehead area, in particular. Because your hair will constantly be on your face, the oils and products from your strands can leave pore-clogging residue on your skin. The results? Pimples. And probably lots of ’em if your skin is sensitive.  Help avoid this by swiping an alcohol-free toner over the area thrice a day (a.m., noon, p.m.) to lift off excess grease, dirt, and germs.

 Tweak Your Makeup.

Because your look is a bit edgier, you’ll have to balance it out by adding a bit more oomph to your makeup look. Do this by playing around with more eyeliner (to make sure your peepers still pop underneath your strands) or applying a striking lip color (to create a bolder, stronger beauty statement).