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6 Tips For Growing Out Your Bangs

Trim them regularly!

1. Trim your fringes regularly.

Trimming your bangs might seem counterproductive especially since your goal is to let them grow out, but doing so will actually help your hair grow faster. You get rid of dead ends, so your hair gets to absorb all the vitamins better. Schedule a trim every four to six weeks to keep your locks healthy.

2. Don’t forget to condition them, too!

If you really want them to grow fast, show them some TLC by treating your locks to regular deep-conditioning treatments. Go for healthy, moisturized hair.

3. Easy with the hot tools.

Are you guilty of using your flat iron just to straighten out your bangs? This seemingly harmless habit can actually stunt the growth of your fringes, because the heat can damage the hair in the long run. But if you really have to do it, remember to apply heat-protecting spray and regulate the temperature of your tools.

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4. Bust out your hair pins!

If our bangs are at the peak of the awkward phase, consider pinning them back to keep them away from your face. If you have thick bangs, use a bit of clay to tame them before pinning them down. Another idea? Braid them! Incorporate your bangs into a French braid for a non-boring way to hide them.

5. Need volume? Use rollers.

You may laugh at your mom whenever you see her with Velcro rollers in her hair, but it really is the easiest way to add volume to your limp hair. Get bouncy, full bangs by rolling them up while you get ready in the morning—you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

6. Be patient.

It will take time for your bangs to be the same length as the rest of your hair. Even with the techniques we’ve learned about growing them out, truth is, we can only be patient and let nature take its course. So while you wait for your bangs to grow out, try different hairstyles to keep them from looking drab.

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