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6 Ways To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer Without Going To The Salon

These techniques will help you stretch out the thousands you spent on your dye job.
1. Choose the right shampoo.

Pay a little more for sudsers that are sulfate-free or specifically formulated to protect color-treated hair to prevent your color from fading. P.S. Clarifying shampoos are a no-no because it can strip your strands of the richness of your hue. 

2. Use a color-protecting brush.

Yes, it exists! The Goody Styling Therapy Protect + Color Cushion Brush, P899.75 at PCX, contains questamide, an oil that helps lock in color, and copper-infused bristles to help fight dandruff.

3. Use mascara to cover up roots.

A few coats of waterproof mascara can cover up the grays that are starting to show, buying you a few more weeks before your next retouch.

4. Invest in a shower filter.

The chlorine and other harmful chemicals in our water can make your color fade faster and contribute to frizzy hair. Not good. Attaching a water filter (like this one from Aquasana) can help eliminate harsh chemicals that strip color and make your locks look dull and dry. 

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5. Use a heat protector.

Colored hair is more prone to damage, so misting on a protectant can help keep your strands healthy, hydrated, and shiny. Try My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Dry Shake’n Spray, P1,250.

6. Ditch the hot water.

You don’t need to freeze through your daily shower, but opting for lukewarm temps is better for your strands. Why? Hot water causes your cuticles to open further, making your hair’s tint leak out faster as you rinse.

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