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7 Habits You Need To Let Go of This 2022

Out with the old, in with the new!

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There’s a feeling of cringe that follows the phrase, “New year, new me.” Some would probably say that it’s cliche, tiresome, and a tad pretentious. The cringe does not come from the cheugy-ness of having to rebrand yourself every year. It mainly stems from repetitively breaking the resolutions we set and disappointing ourselves later.

It’s easy to feel disillusioned and find it useless to create resolutions amid an ongoing pandemic, especially when things don’t seem to get better anytime soon. However, we can still find the lightest intentions and manifest something better personally.

Instead of creating resolutions, why not make a list of habits you’re willing to let go of this new year? Think of it as a cleanse, a restart to better yourself. Milestones don’t always have to be concrete goals and decisions. Sometimes they are bad habits and mindsets we need to purge.

Here’s a list of some of the bad habits you need to let go of that inhibit you from unleashing your fullest potential.

If you want to accomplish anything, stop waiting and start doing it. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but there’s no other way to escape procrastination than actually doing the tasks you listed. According to Psychology Today, procrastination is connected to low self-confidence, anxiety, and an inability to motivate oneself. This is particularly evident in people with perfectionist tendencies.

How do you beat procrastination? First, give yourself more empathy, understanding, and patience. Don’t beat yourself up for holding off a task for a long time. Instead, ease up and try to cut these tasks into smaller bits, so as not to overwhelm yourself. This is better than making huge commitments and not doing them later on, resulting in more disappointments.

Dwelling on the past
Have you ever stopped mid-activity and relived an embarrassing moment you had years ago? These stomach-churning flashbacks are hard to forget, but they’re not doing you any favors by reliving them now and then. These only inhibit you from moving forward and creating a stronger version of yourself. Think of these moments as mere pictures you scroll past your Instagram feed. You can archive them, then start posting more satisfactory and fulfilling photos that you like better.

Trying to do everything by yourself
Doing everything by yourself is so college groupmate vibes. You don’t have to fight every battle on your own. Sometimes you’ll find that asking for help or assistance is more empowering than doing everything on your own. While there’s a different sense of fulfillment in being independent, it can also take a toll on you mentally and emotionally.

Playing it safe
The only thing you have to play safe about this year is your health. Are you thinking about leaving toxic jobs or relationships? Why not leap this year? Ever wondered what you’d look like with an edgy pixie cut? Make the cut now. Maybe you’ll find peace in taking these risks and learning something new about yourself. But, do remember to create a backup plan and think it through.

The all-or-nothing mindset
Having an all-or-nothing mindset can lead to more negative thinking and cause anxiety or even depression. Splitting your views into two extremes can distort the overall picture of your situation. You might find yourself disregarding other points of view, possibilities, and solutions. Take a breather and assess your situation. This way, you can reflect better. List pros and cons, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Comparing yourself with others
With social media tethered to us through our phones, it’s hard to resist the urge to scroll through your newsfeeds and timeline then find someone looking and doing better than you. Remember, not everything on social media is real. These photos are curated to perfection to achieve the “goals” feed. Unplug from your socials when you find these types of content that are not helpful to you. Unfriend some people if you must. Another’s success is not the loss of your own. You have your own life to fulfill.

Not investing in self-care
Neglecting self-care can lead to unhealthy habits. Forming a self-care routine that suits you is essential, especially when things start to feel repetitive and tiring. Self-care teaches us discipline and creates healthy habits, leading to less anxiety and stress. You can begin by adding a refreshing bath after a long workday, or if you’re a morning person, why not an energizing morning shower? Then, take this time to invest on a hair care routine with Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hair Fall Defiance Ultra Conditioner. This conditioner has three times the keratin with revolutionary fiber actives that strengthen the hair and prevent hair fall.

There might be other things that hinder you from becoming your stronger and greater self this 2022. While we don’t know what’s ahead of us, we can discard bad habits and start fresh for now. Letting go can also be empowering. It means accepting imperfections and being flexible through the changes in your life.

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