7 Hair Ideas For A Hot Date

Actual date, optional.

Keep these fun and flirty hair pegs in your beauty archive and practice copying the looks, so you won’t panic the next time your crush asks you out for a romantic date!

Kim Chiu

C’mon, Victoria’s Secret waves are a must! Va-va-voom locks are guaranteed to make his jaw drop and drive him crazy over how hot you look.

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Georgina Wilson

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A center part combined with sleek, straight strands are perfect for a coffee or dessert run. P.S. Belle Daza’s bouncy ponytail is cute, too!

Lovi Poe

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Going to a concert or a fun adventure? Try a headband braid! Trust us, your tresses will always look perfect in photos.

KC Concepcion

Want sexy bedroom hair? Wrap 3-inch sections around a wide-barrel curling iron (twist it in different directions) and mist a sea salt spray once done. Right before you meet your man, flip your hair upside down and give it a shake to score this look.

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Leighton Meester

Don’t want to look like you put in too much effort? Go for laidback beachwaves. To do, apply some mousse and divide hair into two sections. Wrap each part in a bun and release once dry.

Lauren Conrad

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Soft, face-framing wisps with a side-swept part is perfect for picnics or hitting the organic market before grabbing brunch.

Karlie Kloss

If you really don’t have time to do anything to your strands, a chic chignon will do! Just make it loose and make sure to pin any stray strands that may be sticking out of your bun for a more polished look.

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