7 Problems Only Girls With Thick Hair Understand

You leave strands of hair EVERYWHERE!

1. Buying two boxes of hair dye. One box is NEVER enough–especially if you have thick AND long hair. 

2. Waking up early to style your hair. You and your friends planned to meet up at 10 a.m. which means you need to get up at 6 a.m. to tame your mane. 

3. A bottle of shampoo/conditioner can only last you for so long. Depending on how many times you take a shower. 

4. You always carry elastics with you. Because your bands keep snapping, and snapping, AND snapping. 

5. Straightening your hair is a nightmare. 
"Oh, yes, I work out by using a flat iron on my hair." *flexes arm muscles*

6. You leave strands of hair everywhere. On the passenger seat, on the floor, on your friend’s clothes, on the couch, on your boyfriend's shirt–basically EVERYWHERE. 

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7. Blow drying your hair takes forever. You use a blow dryer and sit in front of the fan hoping it’ll dry your hair faster. It doesn't.

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