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7 Ways To Style Curls

Try "pineappling" your hair!

Having curly hair can be a struggle, especially for those who are just beginning to embrace their natural curls. Here are seven ways to style and flaunt those ringlets and waves.

1. Wet to set

One of the simplest ways to style curls is to squeeze out the excess water after taking a shower, apply your favorite moisturizing hair product, finger-comb the mane, and let the tendrils clump and air-dry on their own. There are many ways to do the wet-to-set technique—some use multiple hair moisturizing products, while others incorporate the t-shirt trick, as seen in the video.

2. Plop

One of the most recent and modern hair styling techniques, plopping involves laying a cotton t-shirt on a flat surface, gathering all your hair, and wrapping the shirt around your head by tying both ends. Leave the shirt on for 10-20 minutes, air-dry, and you're good to go!

3. Diffuse


A regular blow dryer will just frizz your curls, so go for a diffuser instead. It’s a wide base that you attach to the nozzle of your blow dryer. Some blow dryer sets come with a diffuser, but if yours doesn’t, you may shop for a universal diffuser that you can attach to your regular blow dryer. Apply your favorite combination of curl-setting and hair-moisturizing products before diffusing.

4. Towel dome

This trick involves wrapping your mane in a towel, but leaving a hole or opening to insert a blow dryer in the lowest setting. It’s a bit tricky at first, so you may need the help of a friend.

5. Twist out

After applying your favorite hair-moisturizing product on wet or dry hair, you twist your curls into clumps of tendrils (using hairpins to secure) and let them air dry naturally. When dry, unravel the twists for a more natural and less Goldilocks look.

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6. Pineappling

After taking a shower and toweling out excess water, apply a dollop of hair cream, flip your hair upside-down, and gather it into a high but very loose bun. If you’re doing it in the daytime, wait for an hour or so until it’s semi-dry before unraveling the set curls. If you’re doing it as an overnight thing (some girls prefer to sleep on it for more defined results), use a satin pillowcase to avoid frizz. You may also wrap the hair in a t-shirt.

7. Heat curling

Wait… what? Re-curling your already curly hair? Yes, it works the same way straight-haired girls iron or blow-dry their hair to perfection. Using a flat iron or curling iron (either will work), heat-curl your mane section by section to activate your natural curls. The result is smoother, more defined curls.

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