8 Celeb-Approved Non-Awkward Ways To Pose With Your Hair

Know exactly where to put your hands!
PHOTO: Instagram/bernardokath

Don't let your hands look lost and awkward in your selfies by keeping them busy. How? Use them to pose with your hair! For celeb-approved tips and inspo, keep scrolling!

1. Push it towards your face.

Take cues from shampoo commercials and push your locks closer like you're about to take a whiff. Relax your grip to make it look more natural!

2. Pull a strand away from your face.

Instead of twirling a lock of hair, doing this will make your photo look more candid.

3. Fluff it up.

If you don't have texturizing spray on hand, give your hair some volume by fluffing it for the pic!

4. Hold on to your bangs.

Not sure where to put your hands? Let your fringe (literally) handle it.

5. Use it to amplify a stretch.

Leaning back on a chair will hide your sultry locks from the camera, so keep a small section between your fingers before you go for a stretch.

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6. Gather it all in one side.

Move most of your hair to one side to show off a new earring or your makeup. Angle the photo lower to capture the full view!

7. Lie down, mermaid style.

If you're too lazy to stand up for a selfie, this pose has you covered. You can use one hand to do the other poses above, or utilize both to stabilize your camera.

8. Feeling shy? Hide behind your fringe!

Don't know how to pose? Let your bangs do the talking or werk that over-the-shoulder angle. Feel free to prop your head up with one (or both!) hands!

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