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8 Hair And Beauty Hacks Every Cosmo Girl Should Know

We swear these tips will save you from the long hours of beauty madness.
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1. Focus on one part of your face

Make your daily makeup look simpler by selecting one part of your face that you want to highlight. Even a swipe of red lipstick (and nothing else on your face) will make you look put together in a sec! 

2. Cheat with highlights

A little bit of highlighting will do wonders for your face. Look healthier and more awake by highlighting the bridge of your nose, the inner corners of your eyelids, your cheek bones, cupid’s bow, lower lip, and chin. Then blend away with a beauty sponge. 

3. Moisturizers are everything

Aside from hydrating your skin, moisturizers are also awesome for setting a nice base for your makeup. 

4. Go to sleep

Want to know the beauty secret pros swear by? Sleep. Getting enough Zzzs can help lessen puffiness, so you can say bye-bye to long hours of contouring. 

5. Go for double-duty products

Save time and moolah by buying products that work two-ways. Lip-and-cheek tints will save you some space in your kikay kit while shampoos that make your scalp healthy while giving you smooth hair (like our Fab Find, Head and Shoulders) are awesome investments. 

6. Style your hair before you sleep

Don’t have much time to curl or blow dry in the morning? Shower and shampoo at night, and style your hair before you head for bed. Braid your hair at night and wake up with boho waves the next day. 

7. Headbands and scarves are your best friends

Picture this: Your hair is a mess and you have less than 30 minutes to get to work. What do you do? Flip your hair upside down and shake it. Then smooth out your bangs and put on a headband or wrap a chic scarf around your head! 

8. Clean your hair brushes

Fresh brushes mean smoother hair (plus, less time detangling and styling). To clean your hairbrush, soak or run it in warm water to soak the bristles. Then pour shampoo and distribute it evenly, working out hair fallouts and leftover styling products. 

BONUS TIP: Use Head and Shoulders for cleaning your hairbrushes too! It has enhanced fragrance notes that will leave your brush (and therefore your hair, too) smelling fresh! 

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