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8 Reasons Why You Should Color Your Hair For Summer

Your selfies will look waaay better.

Still on the fence about whether you should color your strands or not? Let us convince you.

1. It'll enhance your tan.
Warm browns will help you bring your post-beach glow to the next level! Not only will it make your complexion stand out, but the softer color around your face will make you look extra feminine and oh-so flirty.

2. You'll feel like a new woman.
We’re not gonna lie—sometimes, you might not recognize yourself when you look in the mirror after a fresh dye job. What’s awesome is that it’ll also give you more confidence to step out of your usual persona and be open to more summer adventures.

3. It's like a mini makeover.
If you’ve been dying to change your look but don’t want to chop off your locks, lightening your hair hue is a great way to give your ’do an awesome upgrade.

4. Other people will notice.
“Uuy, anong ginawa mo? Blooming ka lately.” Ya, get ready for lots of comments like that. Although they may not be able to point out what you did exactly, the girls at the office will want in on your beauty secret.


5. You’ll look like a surfer girl.
IRL, the surface of your hair lightens when you’re under the sun. To mimic this look, ask your stylist to give you partial highlights only. When you add streaks to the top half of your strands, your color will look more natural.

6. Dip-Dyed colors = Bad A$$ chick.
There’s really no better time to experiment with bolder hues like vivid blues, greens, purples, or even pinks. Just make sure it’s work appropriate before you do it.

7. Your selfies will look waaay better.
Any haircut is incomplete without a proper dye job and multi-dimensional highlights. It’s the best way to add movement and make your strands look alive (not flat!) for your #FOTDs.

8. Visible roots are still trending.
Concened about maintenance and regrowth? According to this beauty report from Refinery29, showing off dark roots isn’t a problem! Yay for lazy girl beauty!


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