8 Shaving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Tip: Steal your boyfriend's razor.

1. Shave upwards. When shaving your legs, start from the bottom and move your way up, against the growth of the hair for a more effective shave.

2. Never skip shaving cream/gel. It’s tempting to just start shaving with dry skin, but skipping shaving cream/gel will lead to skin irritation and possibly ingrown hair.

3. Consider stealing your boyfriend’s razor. Men’s razors will give you the closest shave of your life—ever.

4. Do it after a warm shower—when your pores have expanded, and your hair follicles are closer to the surface of your skin.

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5. Exfoliate beforehand. Use a body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, oil, and dirt that could potentially clog your pores.

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6. Read your shaving cream’s ingredient list. The moment you spot alcohol and fragrances on it, throw it away—it might lead to skin irritation.

7. Replace your razors. Throw away your razor or replace your razor head after three to five uses. Remember, they’re called disposable razors for a reason.

8. Prime your skin. The night before you plan to shave, apply olive oil on your skin. (This works particularly well for your armpits!) Doing this will lead to less skin irritation and super soft and easy-to-shave hair.

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