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8 Times Selena Gomez Gave Us Serious #HairGoals

Who wouldn't be obsessed with her hair?!
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We’ve always been obsessed with Selena Gomez’s hair game. We can’t help it, her locks are always absolutely flawless! Here, eight times she gave us serious hair envy:

1. When she has fun in snaps of her perfectly tousled tresses

We often drool over her naturally thick, gorgeous mane. If we had one wish, it's to achieve her ~*flawless*~ waves on a daily basis.

2. When she wears her hair sleek and straight, and it’s totally NBD!

Sorcery, we tell 'ya!

3. When her hair looks divine during her concerts

Seriously, look at those curls!

4. When her braids look ~magical~

How can we recreate this wonderful look?!

5. When she stuns in romantic curls


6. When we realize how her hair's unbreakable

Even with how much beating her hair takes from hot tools, hair dyes, and treatments, she still manages to wear her locks with so much confidence. It's like every one of her strands screams: #CantBreakMe!

7. When her personality—or at least glimpses of it on-cam—matches her hair

The way she handles haters and all the Hollywood drama embodies her hair: strong and unbreakable. Aside from perfecting the hair flip, Selena sashays with confidence no matter what her 'do is, which pretty much cements her as the ultimate #hairgoals in our book.

8. When she lets us in on her hair care secret

Selena sticks to one combo to achieve her voluminous and healthy locks: Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. It’s her no-fail formula that amps up her locks and makes it stronger and healthier with every wash.

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