8 Tips For Washing Hair The Right Way

Even just your daily shampoo and conditioner routine can go a long way in maintaining beautiful hair! Our Style & Beauty columnist tells us how.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but, yes, there is in fact a “right” way to wash your hair, as there is a proper way to wash your clothes or face.

Definitely, the objective is to clean, moisturize, and refresh our hair and scalp. However, as with all labor-intensive tasks, there lies a technique to make sure all our efforts are just right--and not just a waste of precious water!

Our hair’s appearance, texture, and condition reveal a lot about our hygiene, diet, lifestyle, and more. Men are easily attracted to women with lush, beautiful mane. Whether it’s short or long, what men look for are the look and feel of healthy hair.

So, it’s about time we learn the eight most important tips for washing our crowning glory:

1. If you tend to have oily hair, avoid the use of hair masques and treatments. If you must, apply only mid-shaft, down to the tips where hair is more likely to be dry or damaged.

2. For colored hair, avoid the use of “cleansing” or clarifying shampoo. Normally, this should only be used once a week to remove build up on your scalp from hair products. But, if you really have to get rid of concentrated products like gel, hairspray, wax, and the like, use this minimally, as it easily strips color from hair.

3. After shampooing, squeeze out excess water from hair before applying conditioner, for better product absorption.

4. Other than massaging the scalp with shampoo and conditioner, also rub the product on all parts of your hair, zeroing in on the ends. Allow the product to emulsify, to help hair absorb all the nutrients even better.

5. If your hair gets severely tangled from teasing or if you get helmet head from hard gel, to avoid hair breakage, don’t comb it out. Rather, wash with warm water then apply conditioner to soften hair for easy product removal. Lather in conditioner until you feel your hair is softer to comb through with your hands. Follow with shampoo then apply conditioner again.

6. If your shampoo is causing flaking at your hairline or temple area, try this before you throw out your shampoo bottle: Dilute your shampoo by applying a small amount on your palm and mixing it with a bit of water. This will lessen the concentration of the product on your hair and scalp. Try this for a few days, and if flaking persists, only then should you consider switching brands. Diluting is one of the best money savers, so don’t toss it ‘til you try it!

7. If you suffer from dandruff but also have colored hair, try this trick: Rather than applying anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner on your whole head of hair, apply it only on the scalp as these types of formulation easily strip color off your hair. Then, use your preferred shampoo and conditioner on the rest of your hair down to the ends, as usual.

8. Always, always, always do your final rinse with COLD water! This locks in mega shine to your hair and closes the scalp’s pores after all the massaging (think of it as a facial or a toner!).

Make your next shower count! But don’t forget to SWITCH OFF the shower in between rinses to save not only your hair, but also Mother Nature!

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