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9 Bad Hair Habits You Need To Break

Put that hair iron down.

Skipping conditioner

Why it’s bad: Conditioners help lock in moisture and repair hair damage. Regular shampoos can only clean your hair, but not keep it moisturized.

How to fix it: Condition regularly! If you have oily hair, use conditioner every other day. Also, don't forget to only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, because that is where the hair is weakest. Don't worry about the roots—that's where your natural hair oils are.

Wearing tight hairstyles

Why it’s bad: Tight and sleek ponytails may look super chic, but they’re actually wreaking havoc on your scalp. Because these hairstyles pull on your follicles, they will lead to breakage and damage.   

How to fix it: Let your hair down. But if you have to tie your hair, alternate between loose low and high ponytails. Oh, and are you using a hair tie that’s good for your hair? Consider switching hair ties if they pull too tightly on your locks.  

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Ditching sunscreen

Why it’s bad: Just like your skin, your hair needs protection, too! Harmful UV rays will damage and weaken your hair.

How to fix it: Use a sunblock for your hair (Yes, this amazing product exists!) especially if you’ll be spending time outdoors. Spray the sunscreen on dry or damp hair before and during sun exposure. You can also use it before swimming.

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Up your hair care routine by using a hair mask to replenish your locks’ lost moisture and to repair damage.

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Try: Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil and Aveda After-Sun Hair Masque.

Using dirty tools & expired products

Why it’s bad: Imagine the amount of dirt and bacteria that’s been living in your hot tools, combs, and brushes! Using them might lead to scalp irritation. Oh, and that hairspray that's been sitting on your vanity forever: have you checked its expiration date?

What to do: Clean and disinfect your hair tools regularly. Be mindful of your products’ expiration dates, too. You don’t want any weird rash appearing on your scalp just because you were too lazy to read the label.

Forcing tangles to come out

Why it’s bad: Think of the pressure you’re applying on your hair. Forcing to get rid of knots from your locks can lead to breakage and long-term damage.

What to do: Ditch the comb and use a paddle brush to tame tangled hair. Paddle brushes are more flexible because of their cushions, so getting rid of knots will be easier.

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Try: Goody Keep It Smooth Brush

Using a towel to dry your hair

Why it’s bad: Curly and wavy hair are naturally more dry than normal hair. Using a rough towel to suck out moisture will cause friction in your hair cuticles, so you risk getting even dryer hair.

What to do: Use your old cotton t-shirts to dry your hair instead. Your curls and waves will look even better.

Pulling back your sunglasses on top of your head

Why it’s bad: Sure, it looks pretty chic when you push your sunnies out of your face and let them rest on top of your head like a headband, but it’s actually terrible for your hair. When you do this, you add unnecessary pressure to your hair. You also risk pulling out hair when you put them back in place.

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What to do: Crush this bad beauty habit! Remove your sunnies and put them back inside their case. That’s about it.

Overdoing it with dry shampoo

Why it’s bad: While dry shampoo is a amazing, research has found that if used too much, it can actually clog your scalp’s pores and lead to pimples and cysts. *sigh*

What to do: Make sure to apply your dry shampoo properly. If you notice that your scalp gets itchy or pimples and cysts begin to appear, stop using it immediately. Always keep your scalp clean with regular hair washing, too.

Hot tools all day, errday

Why it’s bad: Regularly applying heat on your hair will ruin its protein structures, leading to dry, dull, and damaged tresses. Sure, your bagong plantsa hair looks good, but you’re actually damaging it.

What to do: If you really have to use hot tools for your hair, be sure to let your locks dry completely before you start. Also, don’t forget to use heat protectant sprays pre-styling! 

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