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9 Struggles Only Girls With Colored Hair Will Understand

Matching your new hair color with your brows. #NotCool

1. The first sign of your roots showing is one of the most stressful sights in the world. And you try your very best to cover it up because there is no way in hell that you will march back to the salon to get it touched up. Not until sweldo arrives, anyway. So you’re stuck with your black hair peeking through your brown hair for weeks. Lol.

2. The constant struggle of trying to color-match your brows with your new hair. You’ve read somewhere that the rule is to go a few shades lighter, but you’re not even sure if they make brow pencils that can match your color. Wait, did they say lighter or darker? HOW DO THEY DO THIS.

3. Having to buy a new brow pencil to match your new hair color. What can you say? Brows always have to be #OnFleek.

4. Deciding to let your hair grow out only to deal with half dyed hair and half natural-colored hair. You realize you’re tired of your dye job and you want to go back to your natural hair color. So you let it grow out. And number one happens. Then eventually you’re left with a head of hair that’s half chestnut, half black. Ugh.

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5. The struggle of spending so much money on hair treatments. The hairstylist swears you need the lycopene treatment for colored hair and you say yes because you love her. She also recommended a special shampoo and conditioner set that Marian Rivera uses to keep her dye job from fading. So you say yes because of course you want to experience Marian Rivera’s beauty secret. You didn’t even bother to ask how much it will cost. So you walk out of the salon with shiny and gorgeous colored hair, a bag of shampoos and conditioners whose brands you can’t even pronounce, and an empty wallet. And this happens. Every. Single. Time. Fuck.

6. FADING. No fun in the sun for you. Unless you want kalawang-looking hair. 

7. Deciding to do it yourself only to fail at life. So you and Sandra thought it would be So Much Fun to bond at her house and dye each other’s hair. You read the instructions on the box and it looks easy enough to follow. So you do it. And now you look like you’re wearing a wig. Fuuuck.  

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8. You know that the swatches that they show you at the salon NEVER match the results IRL. NEVER. Like. Ever. The same goes for those boxes of hair dyes you can get at the store. Ugh.  

9. You often question why you dyed your hair in the first place. Should’ve listened to my mom. Now I’ll never have pretty natural hair. :( 

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