What You Need To Know If You Wanna Dye Your Hair In Crazy Colors

Get a pro to bleach your hair—it will be WORTH IT.

The itch to switch, so to speak, starts with boredom. You see girls on Instagram looking ~*magical*~ in their mermaid hair. You spot a few Hollywood celebs or maybe singers who look gorg in their My Little Pony-like locks. You think, “Ang saya! Kaya ko kaya yan?”

Things get serious when you start binge-watching YouTube tutorials and carefully reading online forums. Then it just happens. You’re 100% sure you want to get crazy-colored hair.

If you’re ready to make the big switch and get rainbow hair, here are 9 things you should know, straight from a girl who’s done it all:

1. Bleach will be your best frenemy.

The only way to dye your hair any bright color is by going blonde/bleaching it first. Sure, you can settle for a hint of midnight blue or a pinkish tint, but might as well go ALL out especially if you really want to achieve a hot pink color or lilac on your tresses.

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2. It’s safer to get a pro to lighten your hair.

Find a salon that specializes in bleaching and coloring to achieve the results you want. You might need multiple trips about 1-4 weeks apart. Don’t scrimp on this, because if you do, you might end up up with epic hair #fails.

3. Consider vegan dyes.

Welcome to the fan club of Manic Panic and Arctic Fox. You can get these dyes conveniently through online shopping (Pro tip: Search for trusted IG sellers, and get them at P600-P900/4oz. You’ll need about 8oz for thick and long hair). They’re highly pigmented so they can give you the prettiest colors, and are very safe to use.

4. You can settle for semi-permanent dyes.

These are a bit cheaper and take about 4-6 months before the color fades. Vegan dyes usually fade after 2-6 weeks.

5. You can have the dye applied by a pro.

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Just bring your dye to the salon, and pay your stylist a little extra for labor. They’ll be able to apply it evenly and give you some styling and hair care tips, too.

6. Bright colors fade, so take care of it.

Wash your hair less and find the perfect color-protecting products. Trust me, this is another investment you should be willing to make since you'll be shelling out P700-P1000 for good ones. While you’re at it, get yourself some conditioning treatment, too.

7. Your new hair color gives you the chance to reinvent your wardrobe.

Are you ready to retire clothes with loud prints? At least you have the perfect excuse to shop, AMIRIGHT?

8. Your braids will look cool AF.

Your braids suddenly look like they were created by fairies and forest animals. Just look at these cool braids!

9. Have fun with it!

You’ll look at yourself in the mirror and thing “Paano ko nagawa to?” But hey, anything in the name of self-expression and vanity, right?

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