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Where to Get a Digital Perm

Eight salons that offer digital perming services in Metro Manila.

Though it was all the rage a couple of years ago (who could forget the sudden emergence of Korean salons?), digital perms are still popular among women itching for a fresh new hairstyle.

Digital perms, as opposed to regular perms, involve curling sections of hair around hot rods. The rods are then hooked up to a machine that regulates their temperature.

The main difference between a digital perm and a regular one lies mainly in the styling. With a regular perm, the waves are most prominent when your hair is wet, allowing you to style your hair with a curl-activating mousse or gel. On the other hand, with a digital perm, the waves are tighter when the hair is dry, allowing you to use a blow drier or hot iron to activate the curls.

Ready for a mane makeover? Launch the gallery to read up on the best places for a digital perm!

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