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No Kidding: This Is What Air Pollution Really Does To Your Hair

They’re seriously cringe-worthy.

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As a commuter, showing up to work looking fresh is close to impossible—especially when the humid weather and city pollution leave your hair sweaty, dry, and frizzy.

Here’s the thing: When you know what smog, smoke, and fumes really do to your hair, you can be more compelled to find ways to protect your locks. Below, we list down the ugly truth about air pollution—and how to maintain your mane in spite of it:

1. It triggers dandruff.

Nobody likes having a snowy scalp. Many cases of dandruff are actually caused by increased levels of oxidative stress, which is often brought about by the highly reactive chemicals found in dirty environments.

2. It dries out your hair.

If you can’t seem to get rid of your tangles and frizz, consider the heat of the city and the acidity in the air. Harmful pollution sucks the moisture out of your hair at a faster rate, and can eventually lead to breakage.

3. It causes inflammation.

When dust, smoke, and lead settle on the scalp and hair, they can irritate the sensitive surface of your scalp. As a way to protect itself, your scalp then produces more sebum—clogging up hair follicles and triggering inflammation.

4. It aggravates hair fall.

Pollutants have been found to decrease the protein that fuels hair growth, and lead to falling hair and hair loss. In fact, studies show that repeated exposure to contaminated air particles can even lead to premature baldness.

That being said, using the right shampoo and conditioner can help strengthen and protect your hair from the toxic stressors that come with city life. Love Beauty and Planet, for example, offers nourishing hair formulas that help boost hydration, revitalize and bring back luster into dull locks, and cleanse away impurities. Each of its five variants is blended with all-natural botanicals and is 100% vegan.

When the daily grind gets tough, a well-deserved treat is in order. Pamper your hair with any of Love Beauty and Planet’s products and play a part in making a difference while you’re at it.

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