A Roundup Of Andrea Brillantes' Prettiest Hairstyles

This girl truly owns her ~*lewks*~!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/renzpangilinan, (RIGHT) Instagram/mykfeliciano

Lately, we've been obsessing over Andrea Brillantes. How can we not talk about her signature bushy eyebrows and bright smile? Aside fom her elfin face and bubbly personality, we also love that's she's adventurous with her hairstyles. The girl knows how to take hair risks and how to pull them off!

Long hair with a center-part is a classic.

Glam waves suit Andrea well, too!

We're totally into Andrea's moody version of Blair Waldorf.

Ah, this holiday-inspired bun is sooo good.

This boho ponytail seems easy AF to do.

Andrea's S-wave curls is def K-beauty-approved.

This sleek high ponytail gives modern glamazon vibes.

What's not to love about her disheveled top knot?

And we loved how she upgraded her messy bun with a sunflower!

Well, well, well, doesn't Andrea look great with bangs?

She looks like a total cutie pie in space buns!

This high ponytail is so extra! We LOVE the jewels on her hair.

But the one that we loved the most is Andrea's most recent hairstyle: Long, sun-kissed locks!


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