These Hairstyles On Anne Curtis Are Pure ~*Fun*~

PHOTO: Instagram/buernrodriguez

Hot off the heels of her recent trip to Japan, Anne Curtis is playing things up with fresh and fun hairstyles that wouldn’t look out of place in youthful Harajuku. First up, a rainbow-streaked 'do by Chris Rodil:

Chris opted to use extensions by Buern Rodriguez, focusing the color on one side of Anne’s head. Don't they look gorgeous against the actress’ dark tresses?

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Being compared to a unicorn’s tail might not seem like the best compliment, but we think Anne and her glam team will appreciate the comparison. Seriously, W-O-W!

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Anne’s makeup echoed the playful spirit without detracting from all the bright hues. Just a pop of bright pink lippie, courtesy of Gery Penaso, was all the actress needed.

The following day, Anne continued her Japanese-inspired run with a sweet and charming hairstyle by Gerald Magtibay.

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Yep, that’s a bow-shaped hairpiece decorating Anne’s stick-straight tresses!

To complete the girly look, Gery amped up the eyelash situation and balanced it out with a pretty pastel pout.

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We smell a Halloween costume in the making, CGs. *wink*

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