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No Lie: We're Obsessed With Arci Muñoz's *Icy* Blonde Hair

Super bagay!
Arci Muñoz blonde hair
PHOTO: Instagram/carldanahair

Another day, another celeb hair makeover! This time, it's courtesy of Arci Muñoz. She took to Instagram a few days ago to share her new hair color—she's back to blonde, y'all. ICYDK, the 32-year-old actress and singer got split hair—jet black on one side and icy blonde on the other—for her "New Year, new me" transformation. Here's a picture to refresh your memory:

Arci Munoz with her split black and blonde hair

We first ~spotted~ Arci's brand-new hair color when she posted pictures with her mom as they celebrated the birthday of her mom's ultimate bias in BTS, Suga. The black side of her locks is gone and has been replaced by an equally icy blonde hue.

Arci Munoz with her mom and showing off her new hair color
Arci Munoz with her mom celebrating BTS Suga's birthday

We were able to get a closer look at it when Carl Dana, the colorist responsible for her fantastic dye job, posted a picture of Arci looking very ~*angelic*~. We think this color suits her a lot!

Arci Munoz's new hair color in full glory

In case you're interested in finally, finally going blonde, we recommend that you dedicate a full day to it since you'll need multiple bleaching sessions to really lift the pigment from your hair. You'll also need to update your hair care routine—say hello to a world of sulfate-free products, nourishing hair masks, and lots of dry shampoo!

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