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20 Asymmetrical Haircut Ideas You'll Actually Want To Try

They're, like, shockingly easy to pull off.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/inspiracao.divas, (Right) instagram/ashvaughanhair

I don’t know about you, but when Rihanna chopped off her long, honey-colored hair into an angled, jet-black bob in 2007, my opinion of asymmetrical haircuts totally changed. Like, yes, a two-length haircut seems kinda extreme in theory, but when you think of the styling opportunities, they're actually pretty epic. Fast forward over a decade later and I've started to see asymmetrical hairstyles alllll over my Instagram feed. And now, I am officially considering chopping my hair. Whaa? Yup! And to help you get on my level of excitement, I rounded up the 20 best asymmetrical hairstyle ideas that are perfect for every hair color, length, and texture. Trust: These looks are so good, you're about to screenshot them all.

  1. Margot Robbie’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    Leave it to Margot Robbie to make an asymmetrical haircut look so effing glam. When recreating her style, make sure you have a one-inch curling iron on hand—you'll use it to wrap your hair away from your face and gently pin each curl until it cools down. After you unpin the curls, mist your hair with a lightweight oil to smooth any flyaways and create a glossy-AF finish.

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  2. Charlotte Lawerence’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    If you’re down to dye your hair a bold shade of blue, or at least willing to rock a mermaid-inspired wig, let Charlotte Lawerence be your asymmetrical haircut muse. Recreate her beach waves with help from a lightweight texturizing spray, and don't forget to load up on sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner if you're going for her color, too.

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  3. Brittany Snow’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    Looking for an easy, no-fail way to style your asymmetrical haircut? Channel Brittany Snow and go for soft, laid-back waves. Before blowing it dry, spritz your damp hair with a texturing spray to play up your natural volume.

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  4. This Purple Asymmetrical Haircut

    The purple to lilac ombré of this asymmetrical haircut is so dang pretty, it's like it was made for your Insta feed. Before you snap a series of Boomerangs, use a volumizing mousse to add some extra bounce and shine to your choppy bob.

  5. Zoey Deutch’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    Flat hair killing your vibe? Add high-shine gloss to your asymmetrical haircut like Zoey Deutch by coating your hair with a lightweight serum—it'll help smooth flyaways without weighing you down.

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  6. January Jones’ Asymmetrical Haircut

    My favorite part about January Jones' asymmetrical haircut is how her roots peek through her hair color juuuuust a tad. Mimic her vibe by touching up your roots with a tinted spray. 

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  7. Demi Lovato’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    BRB, Demi Lovato's asymmetrical haircut with red tips has me ready to channel the early aughts. For an “I woke up like this, ” Demi-inspired blowout, it’s all about the prep. Make a heat protectant, a round brush, and a lightweight hairdryer your best friends.

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  8. Kaia Gerber’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    Of course, everything about Kaia Gerber's asymmetrical haircut is ~chic~. After creating a face-flattering part, tuck your hair behind your ears and use a bobby pin that matches your hair color to keep it all in place. To prevent any flyaways from popping up at your part, mist a lightweight dry oil eight to ten inches away from your hair.

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  9. Lucy Hale’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    Switching up your part is a genius way to breathe new life into your asymmetrical haircut. Use Lucy Hale's side-swept look as the ultimate inspo—a rattail comb will help you get the most precise part possible.

  10. This Wavy Asymmetrical Haircut

    A deep side part and soft, romantic curls are kinda the perfect styling combo for your asymmetrical haircut. After curling your hair, spritz on a medium-hold hairspray and gently comb to soften the look (unless you're feeling the Shirley Temple vibe).

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  11. This Pixie Asymmetrical Haircut

    Asymmetrical haircuts pair so damn well with short hair—and this cute little pixie is proof. Just run a moisturizing and curl-enhancing cream through your hair for some extra texture and hydration.

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  12. Charlize Theron’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    Mimic Charlize Theron's asymmetrical haircut and smooth an anti-frizz cream through your wet hair before you blow it dry with a round brush to maintain some bounce and movement. For an extra polished look, do a quick pass with a flatiron.

  13. This Long Asymmetrical Haircut

    An asymmetrical haircut doesn't mean your hair needs to be short. Have your hairstylist retain your length at the front, with short, bob-like layers in the back. When you're in the mood to elevate your look, gather a one-inch section of your hair, pull it away from your face, secure it with a clear rubber elastic, and add a cute-AF hair clip.

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  14. Julia Garner’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    Doesn't Julia Garner's asymmetrical haircut remind you of Marilyn Monroe? A few hot rollers should help you get big, vintage-inspired curls at home.

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  15. Joan Smalls’ Asymmetrical Haircut

    Channel your inner Cleopatra, like model Joan Smalls, and try a blunt bang. If you're not ready to fully commit to both an asymmetrical haircut and bangs, then use this sneaky-AF tip: clip-in bang extensions. No, really, they're super low-key, and you'll probably forget that you're even wearing them until you look in the mirror.

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  16. This Chocolate Brown Asymmetrical Haircut

    Keep your asymmetrical haircut looking fresh and modern by adding piecey beach waves all throughout your hair. Just be sure to pump up your hair's volume and use a thickening spray or hair mousse to keep your hair looking full and healthy.

  17. This Beachy Asymmetrical Haircut

    If you're like me and you're not suuuper comfortable using a traditional curling iron on your asymmetrical haircut, opt for a rotating curling iron instead. Just don't forget to prep your hair with plenty of heat protectant, k?

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  18. Jennifer Lopez’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    Jennifer Lopez makes a serious case for a crazy-sleek asymmetrical haircut. For a flyaway-free hairstyle at home, smooth on a heat-protecting hair serum for the full glossy effect.

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  19. Thandie Newton’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    Follow Thandie Newton’s beauty playbook and tuck your asymmetrical haircut behind your ear, leaving out a little tendril or two. If your baby hairs aren't cooperating, be sure to use an old toothbrush and a hydrating gel control to slick down your edges.

  20. Rose Byrne’s Asymmetrical Haircut

    For sophisticated waves like Rose Byrne's asymmetrical haircut, wrap your hair around a curling iron but leave the ends out to keep the look cool and fresh.

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