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The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

Because we know you're seriously considering them.

Blame it on Kim Bok Joo and how she got herself an oppa in reel and real life. Or maybe last year's award-winning Star Magic Ball beauty look that made #LizaSoberano trend. (Or you know, Anne Curtis.)

The truth is, we all just want to have bangs. After all, next to a drastic change in color or cut, bangs are the way to go if you're itching for a ~*brand-new look.*~

Long, short, blunt, layered, or curtained, there are bangs of many lengths and cuts. It can definitely get confusing, so we reached out to an expert for advice. "The objective of any hairstyle is to provide a balance and to complement the face shape," says Andrea Zulueta-Lorenzana, General Manager of PiandréSalon. "In the end, it all boils down to proportion," she adds.

To get the most benefit from your fringe, the first step is to determine your face shape to know the look that works for you. For this, we consulted hair experts Monette Rivera and Benz Canlas from Salon Beauvoir to find out not just the best, but the most uso bangs, to try per face shape.

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You have a very prominent jawline—and it's most likely your best feature! But to soften the sharpness of your face, you'd want your bangs to lend a delicate feel to your look.

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Best: Short and fringy (preferably eye-grazing) or long and side-swept.

Worst: Thick, square bangs because they throw proportions off.

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This means you have a relatively thin face structure that is longer than it is wide. As such, you've got one of the best face shapes for bangs! The trick is to use the fringe to give an illusion of a wider face.

Best: Layered bangs or straight-cut (you can go blunt!) full bangs because they will lessen the length of your face.

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Worst: Long and side-swept.

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You can totally try any style of fringe if you've got this *ideal* face shape. One secret is to have your bangs cut longer at the sides, in a length that hits just between the brow and the lashes. Trust us!

Best: TBH, any! But the curtain fringe—where you see a bit of forehead peeking between partshas been trendy these days. Worth trying!

Worst: None

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If this is your face shape, your forehead is slightly wider than your cheekbones and chin. What you need are bangs that'll add balance to your face—and bring out your pretty eyes!

Best: Side-swept bangs that are as light as possible or in various lengths falling on your face.

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Worst: Square bangs that are overpowering.

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Your face is widest at the temples, or along the eye area. Your narrow forehead and chin give the illusion of a tiny (and cute!) face. What you want is a fringe that won't cover your face and instead accentuates your features.

Best: Short and side-swept, as if your bangs were an afterthought.

Worst: Short and straight bangs.

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You've got a lot of cheeks to give, and that's totally okay. Round face shapes are mostly seen as baby-faced, which means you'll kick aging in the ass. To balance out the roundness, go for thick, curvy bangs with lots of volume and texture for full effect.

Best: Long and side-swept wavy tendrils or a choppy fringe.

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Worst: Short, blunt bangs.

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