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21 Stages Only Girls With Bangs Will Go Through

It's an emotional roller coaster.
PHOTO: Instagram: iamhearte; lorynbrantz

Bangs seem to be the hottest hairstyle today, and as public service, we want to let you know ~everything~ you'll experience once you get a fringe. Below are the stages one goes through after cutting their hair based on real-life accounts (from ourselves and friends). Hopefully, this list will help you reassess your decisions! 

Raise your hands if you already got bangs and can relate to any of these stages.

  1. It all starts with the urge to change your look.

    Is it stress or do I really want bangs? Try this quiz to find out. 

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  2. And then you get a high when you finally find a *peg* of your new look. 

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  3. You get cold feet when you sit on the salon chair.

  4. You're scared of the things that have yet to come. *cue suspense-themed music*

  5. It's been done—you now have bangs. You then take a gazillion selfies wherever you find good lighting.

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  6. And then you get a ton of compliments from friends.

    "Ganda mo, girl!" 

  7. You just L-O-V-E your new look.

    "This is the best decision ever," you said to yourself.

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  8. You suddenly realize that you can style your bangs in multiple ways. 

  9. You wake up and things seem to be off—your bangs look weird.

  10. Okay, the bangs are fine today. Maybe it was just a "glitch."

  11. You then realize that oily skin and bangs don't mix well.

    Hello, forehead pimples!

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  12. You discover that bangs aren't low-maintenance.

    Spritz dry shampoo, blow-dry, mist hairspray—these summarize your current hairstyling routine.

  13. Surprise! Bangs need trims—every three weeks!

  14. You hate your new hairstyle. You're just over it. 


  15. You decide to grow them out.

    You become creative in the process.

  16. The bangs have finally grown long. You're finally free!

  17. The feeling of satisfaction that you've survived bangs.

    You make a mental note to never do it again.

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  18. Your content with your ~classic~, single-length hairstyle.

  19. You see friends who just got bangs, and you support decision despite everything that has happened to you.

    Women should support women—that's your motto.

  20. And then... you feel the *need* to get bangs again.

  21. Go back to number 1 and hit the "replay" button.

    Maybe try fake bangs first? 

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