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Bea Benedicto Opens Up About Extreme Hair Loss And Dealing With Depression While In Quarantine

'I was depressed, I was anxious, and I was balding.'
PHOTO: Instagram/bea_benedicto

Bea Benedicto explained her absence from social media in a heartfelt Instagram post. The TV host and fitness influencer started by saying that she wants "to be more real" in 2021. Then, she explained what she has been going through during quarantine: "There’s a reason why I went off TikTok and why I stopped posting stories of my face (or head in general lol [sic]) last 2020. No more workout stories, too, because that’d reveal something I’ve been going through in private."

She then revealed that aside from hormonal imbalance, PCOS, and acne, she's been suffering from alopecia or extreme hair loss. "I lost a lot of hair. I got this extreme alopecia that I didn’t get treated right away because of the quarantine. The bald spots just kept getting bigger until it became like this in the video," she said.

She then added that her mental well-being suffered, too: "I was depressed, I was anxious, and I was balding. I’d be sad then more hair would fall off, then I’d get more sad (sic)."

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She then assured everyone that her condition is getting better, and she's been getting professional help. She thanked everyone who supported her during her hair loss journey. 

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Bea explained that she took the video when her condition was "at its worst." She knew that she'll be "strong enough" to post it as a "before" video.

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She further disclosed the details about her condition via IG Live. She decided that PCOS, stress, and fatigue triggered hormonal imbalance. She said that it came to a point that she was "pagod sa life." Her stress hormone became "overused." The physical manifestations of stress were acne and hair loss.

During the beginning of quarantine, she said she couldn't go to the dermatologist yet so she resorted to home remedies for her bald spot. She said she tried taking biotin supplements, getting vitamin D via sun exposure, and using castor oil. All of those didn't work so she's relieved that she can now seek professional help. 

Bea also divulged that she had to change her haircare products. She's been using the Human Nature Strengthening Plus and Zenutrients. She's also been following the Curly Girl Method to care for her tresses.

Thanks for sharing your story, Bea. We believe these could help a lot of people who are suffering from the same condition.

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