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6 Beauty Essentials To Bring If You're Traveling To A Humid Country

These are everything you need to stay fresh in the tropics.
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Raise your hand if you're going on a trip soon! If you're going somewhere hot and humid, even if you're just stuck in Metro Manila, make sure you have your beauty arsenal planned and prepped.

Sure, we may be used to it since we live in a tropical country, but when you’re exploring foreign cities and touring all day, the humid weather can leave you feeling icky, sweaty, and haggard. When you're dealing with higher temperatures, have this lifesaving lineup in your travel kit or everyday kikay kit:

1. Blotting film

To get rid of unwanted shine, oil blotting paper can help mattify oily, acne-prone skin types. Keep a pack (or two) in your purse, whether you’re in transit or just chilling at the beachfront bar.

2. Body mist

Compared to stronger fragrances, a light, soft scent stays fresher in elevated temperatures. Most solutions are infused with hydrating botanicals, which keep your skin bright and energized throughout the day.

3. Waterproof mascara

No one likes the sight of runny raccoon eyes. Opt for a smudge-proof and sweat-proof formula. This way, your lashes stay long and voluminous while you snap selfies underneath the hot sun.

4. A moisturizing lippie

Your trusty MLBB can plump up your lips and ultimately protect them from cracking and chapping in the intense heat. It can also add a wash of color to your cheeks, ensuring that you look naturally flushed (and not fatigued) round-the-clock.

5. BB cream with SPF

Forego the thick foundation and use BB cream with SPF instead. Not only does it provide the right amount of coverage, but it arms you with much-needed sun protection.

6. A lightweight conditioner

A good conditioner makes a difference when your hair is exposed to humid weather. After all, the humid and sticky climate can weigh your hair down, make it look flat, and trigger unwanted tangles and frizz. Look for a product that's formulated with Hydra Collagen technology for intense hydration, but keeps it light and bouncy—like Cream Silk's Hydra Fresh Light Conditioner. It’s lightweight and easy to rinse, so your strands stay nourished, non-greasy, and fresh all day.

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