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20 Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Ideas To Try In 2020

Prepare to want them all.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/hairbymadisoncarbrey, (RIGHT) Instagram/livnoelle_hair

Am I the only one who finds blonde balayage photos, like, ridiculously satisfying? There's something about those soft, blended highlights and natural-looking roots that makes me want to run out and change up my entire look immediately. And since that can't happen for the foreseeable future, and since I also can't DIY the look myself (balayage requires literally painting strips of bleach on your hair, which means a professional is mandatory), I've decided to do the next best thing: Stare longingly at these 20 insanely gorgeous blonde balayage ideas. Please join me and start screenshotting the looks you plan on bringing to your hairstylist in the coming months.

  1. This White Blonde Balayage

    There are so many shades of blonde balayage (honey! ash! bronde! you name it!), but I think this white-blonde variation's gotta be my favorite. It's so pretty and glossy—especially when it's paired with sandy-blonde roots.

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  2. This Face-Framing Blonde Balayage

    If all-over balayage isn't really your thing, you'll love how natural-looking these highlights are. Face-framing streaks are such a genius way to brighten up your whole look—especially for spring and summer.

  3. This Sandy Blonde Balayage

    Blonde balayage is pretty stunning against sandy-blonde bases, as evidenced by these next-level curls. Anyone else trying to cop her brushed-up brows and pink lipstick, too? Same.

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  4. This Honey Blonde Balayage

    There's something about warm, honey-blonde balayage that pairs so damn well with long, piece-y waves. Psst: The grow-out stage is also way easier on longer lengths. 

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  5. This Bright Blonde Balayage

    If you're after something bright and summery, you need to show your colorist this blonde balayage. It's the perfect blend of warm, white, and neutral tones.

  6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Blonde Balayage

    Here's all the proof you need that your brows don't have to match your blonde balayage: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Recreate the model's look with a tinted brow gel for extra definition.

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  7. This Strawberry Blonde Balayage

    Yup, redheads can get in on the blonde balayage trend, too. Ask your colorist to mix you a creamy, strawberry blonde tint that blends seamlessly with your natural color.

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  8. This Soft Blonde Balayage

    Small swipes of dark-blonde balayage give these curls so much definition and shine. IMO, this is a great starting point for anyone just dipping their toes in the balayage trend.

  9. Margot Robbie's Blonde Balayage

    The major contrast in Margot Robbie's blonde balayage means you can spend waaaay less time with your colorist—I mean, look how easy that grow-out will be.

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  10. This Ash Blonde Balayage

    This ash-blonde balayage is such a cool approach for 'Ber months. Show your colorist this pic when you're ready to transition from warmer tones. 

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  11. Gigi Hadid's Blonde Balayage

    I love how blunt Gigi Hadid's blonde balayage looks in a sleek high pony—TBH, it's kinda-sorta the perfect way to emphasize your color (especially when you throw a wave spray into the mix).

  12. This Blonde-Brown Balayage

    Sure, this color might look brown at first glance, but the soft and subtle blonde balayage gives this color so much definition and light.

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  13. This Platinum Blonde Balayage

    This hair color is pretty much the opposite of subtle, but when your blonde balayage looks this pretty, who TF cares? Play up your color even more with the help of a curling iron or wand.

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  14. This Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

    Another example of how ~elevated~ contrasting roots can look, this blonde balayage is a pretty mix of honey, brown, and black tones. One more time for the folks in the back: Easy. Freaking. Grow-out.

  15. Lili Reinhart's Blonde Balayage

    If contrasting roots aren't really your vibe, you'll love Lili Reinhart's blonde balayage. Notice how some of her highlights run all the way into her roots? So good.

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  16. This Golden Blonde Balayage

    Um, yeah, this is the exact blonde balayage I'm looking to recreate this summer. Have you ever seen something so pretty and golden that's not on a child?!

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  17. This Lived-In Blonde Balayage

    This blonde balayage looks so effortless, thanks to the fact that her dark roots dip all the way into her highlights. Your tones should be soft and blended to keep this color from looking too piece-y.

  18. Karlie Kloss' Blonde Balayage

    This pic is doing two things to me: 1) It's making me lean towards recreating Karlie Kloss' warm-blonde balayage the next time I'm in a salon chair and 2) It's making me kinda...sorta...wanna chop my hair into a sleek bob? TBD.

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  19. This Subtle Blonde Balayage

    I love how this blonde balayage is so freaking subtle. The blonde pieces are painted only on the front half of her hair, leaving behind a cute set of natural-looking highlights.

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  20. This Warm Blonde Balayage

    It doesn't get much warmer than this bold blonde balayage. Imagine how pretty it'll look with a sparkly eyeshadow and a dewy skin tint.


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