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Body Hair On Women: Yay Or Nay?

Women challenge the conventional standard of beauty by choosing not to shave.

First free bleeding, now free-growing underarm hair. The latest feminist movement making its rounds online encourages women to refrain from shaving or waxing their armpit hair to protest the conventional standard of beauty.

Ben Hopper, a London-based photographer, is the mastermind behind the Natural Beauty series which features models and actresses in their natural, unshaven state. The project aims to prove that women do not need to conform to society’s expectation of beauty to be considered beautiful. The women were also asked to wear minimal makeup for the photo shoot to highlight their natural beauty.

"I expect [the photos] will surprise a lot of people and I guess, in a way, that is one of my intentions," explained Hopper. "As I matured as a person and an artist, I realized I liked [armpit hair], I think it can be a beautiful look."

Understandably, the series is getting mixed reviews. Though some people admire the women for being brave enough to show off their exposed and unshaven underarms, others still find it “gross” and "undesirable."

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