7 Celebrity-Approved Brown Hair Colors You Should Try Now

For your next hair makeover!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/jellyeugenio, (RIGHT) Instagram/jascurtissmith

Whenever we're stuck in a hair color rut, we always turn to the one hue that never fails: Brown. As bland as this neutral shade may seem, you're sure to end up with an effortless color that won't be a nightmare to maintain. Celebrities make it their go-to dye job for a reason! Ready to book that appointment? Choose a color below!

  1. Jasmine Curtis-Smith: Dark neutral brown

    A neutral brown flatters any skin tone and is easy to achieve even if you have virgin hair.

  2. Arci Muñoz: Rich chocolate brown

    If you want to change your look but also love your dark hair, dye it a luscious chocolate brown shade for a subtle effect.

  3. Max Collins: Light golden brown

    If it's light hair you want, go for a golden brown that can highlight your warm tones and brighten your complexion.

  4. Kyline Alcantara: Dark copper brown

    In case golden hues aren't your thing, ask your colorist for a shade with the slightest hint of copper. This will give your hair the slightest hint of red without straying too far from the neutral spectrum.

  5. Elisse Joson: Raspberry brown

    Want to try red hair minus the bleach? Try a berry-toned hue that'll complement those rosy cheeks!

  6. Glaiza de Castro: Gray-brown

    This color is literally the coolest brown you can get. Try it if you have time to kill at the salon!

  7. Nadine Lustre: Ash brown

    For those who aren't ready for an intense bleaching sesh, Nadine's take on ashy locks will take less time out of your day to cop.

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