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The Hottest Way To Wear A Ponytail RN, As Seen On Celebs

It looks good on everyone!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/paulnebres, (RIGHT) Instagram/santiagoreaymond

A ponytail ticks all the right boxes for an easy hairstyle—everyone knows how to give themselves one, and it takes little time to do it. And although there are tons of ways to wear it, we observed that there's one distinct style element that remains a common theme on many celebs RN: Face-framing tendrils. The soft strands create an effortless, romantic look, stat! Plus, you don't need to have professional hairstylist skills to achieve it. Scroll down and be convinced!

  1. Sarah Lahbati

    Remember Julia Stiles' hair in 10 Things I Hate About You? This ponytail is exactly that, minus the very '90s texture at the back.


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  2. Ria Atayde

    Ria's version is proof that you can wear it to a formal event, too!

  3. Kim Chiu

    If stiff tendrils are too much of a throwback, cop Kim's wavy face-framing strands. How dainty!

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  4. Nadine Lustre

    Don't have time to give yourself a full head of waves? Try a braided ponytail instead!

  5. Jessy Mendiola

    On days when your grown-out bangs are impossible to tame, part your hair in the center and use them to frame your face another way.

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  6. Ylona Garcia

    Your tendrils don't always need to come from up top. You can opt to pull hair from the area near your ears, so your layers stay as far away from your face as possible.

  7. Yassi Pressman

    For naturally wavy hair, a textured ponytail is the easiest way to go because it instantly looks effortless. But if you want yours to look a bit more polished, stick to having two neat strands on each side of your face.

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  8. Janella Salvador

    If you have medium-length hair, this Audrey Hepburn-inspired ponytail is perfect for you. Just flip your ends with a flat iron, and you're good to go!

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  9. Liza Soberano

    Say what you want about scrunchies, but we say put them back in your rotation and drop those plain hair elastics.

  10. Kisses Delavin

    Think ponytails are too stiff and boring? Make it seem effortlessly feminine by letting loose a few wavy tendrils.

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