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The Best Low-Maintenance Haircuts To Get While in Quarantine, As Seen On Celebs

Chic hairstyles that thrive in neglect.
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/piawurtzbach, Instagram/bela

While we're still in quarantine, it's much safer for us to prolong the time between our hair appointments. So when you do go in for a haircut, choose a flattering style that you can also freely neglect for a few months. You still have to look good in those video meetings, after all!

To give you a few ideas, we gathered some of our favorite celebrity quarantine cuts. Scroll through to be inspired!

Pia Wurtzbach

Chop off some weight off your long locks with a shoulder-length cut like Pia Wurtzbach's. For an even lighter feel, go for layered or textured ends instead of a blunt cut. A new dye job in a beautiful shade of brown is also a great idea for a subtle change!

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Bela Padilla

Bela Padilla's long bob with blunt ends is perfect for those with fine hair, or anyone who wants a non-complicated quarantine chop. It'll give you a breezy, fuss-free look and the illusion of a fuller mane.

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Coleen Garcia

New mom Coleen Garcia cut her tresses in an adorable chin-length bob before giving birth, so she won't be needing a trim any time soon. If you're considering a similar look and have a round-shaped face as she does, cop her wispy bangs as well for a soft, face-framing effect.

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Jessy Mendiola

A full fringe like Jessy Mendiola's would definitely require a bi-monthly trim, but that's a skill you can easily pick up at home. Or, you can just grow them out! Pair it with a layered hairstyle for a multi-dimensional look, and while you're at it, ask your colorist to add some highlights.

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Aubrey Miles

Not up for a dramatic change? Getting rid of split ends plus another inch or two should be enough to refresh your overgrown 'do. This chest-length style with a long fringe on Aubrey Miles is definitely worth screenshotting for reference! In fact, maybe you'd want to try her chic peek-a-boo ash color, too.

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