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Just 10 Photos Of Celebs Who *Convinced* Us To Get Bangs This 2020

The fringe was *in* this year, people.
Local Celebs Who Got Bangs In 2020
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/elissejosonn, Instagram/superjanella

Make no mistake: 2020 was the year of bangs. It seemed like everyone was getting a fringe—whether it be a curtain, wispy, or full. We can see why it became popular, though. It was a great way to change up your look without making totally drastic changes to your hair like chopping or coloring it.

Celebrity hair makeovers, of course, also served as our main inspo. Throughout the year, we meticulously noted who got bangs and what kind of style they had. If you're thinking of getting bangs to change up your look for 2021, check out the 10 celebs who made a strong case for the fringe this year:

  1. Elisse Joson's Sheer Bangs

    Elisse Joson's barely-there bangs are perfect if you want something low-maintenance. It's a wash-and-wear type of fringe that's made for busy girls who are always on the go.

    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Elisse Joson
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  2. Julia Barretto's Curtain Bangs

    Julia Barretto already had curtain bangs in December 2019, but she decided to bring them back this year. ICYDK, this style is very versatile, since you can show them off when you feel like it or just clip them back if you don't want to sport them. They're also easier to grow out since they'll just blend with the rest of your hair.

    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Julia Barretto
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  3. Maris Racal's Micro Bangs

    In April, Maris Racal surprised us with her sariling sikap haircut—she got trendy micro bangs! If she hadn't mentioned it in the caption of her photo, we never would've guessed it was a DIY project—it really looked profresh!

    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Maris Racal
  4. Maine Mendoza's Blunt Bangs

    Earlier this year, Maine Mendoza became a #MACMaker for the second time, and in the grand launch, she was spotted with blunt bangs. Unfortunately, they were only clip-ins styled by celeb hairstylist Celeste Tuviera. Nevertheless, she looked *so* good!

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    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Maine Mendoza
  5. Maja Salvador's Crescent Bangs

    In teleseryes, Maja Salvador is always seen with long hair, so she decided to switch things up earlier this year by getting crescent bangs. ICYDK, this type of fringe is cut longer on the outer edges of the face and shorter in the middle. This style is super flattering for girls with heart or round face shapes!

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    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Maja Salvador
  6. Lovi Poe's Wispy Bangs

    Lovi Poe's wispy bangs are super versatile—they soften her features when parted down the middle and they can also resemble K-style bangs when styled correctly. Amazing!

    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Lovi Poe
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  7. Chie Filomeno's K-Style Wispy Bangs

    If you have a strong jawline or plump cheeks, wispy bangs may benefit you well, since they are able to soften and downplay your prominent features. Just check out how it perfectly frames Chie Filomeno's face!

    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Chie Filomeno
  8. Janella Salvador's Blunt Bangs

    To signify the end of her run as her character Emma in The Killer Bride, Janella Salvador decided to chop off her long tresses and get a chic bob and blunt bangs! We love how she chose to go all-out since this type of fringe can be very high-maintenance.

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    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Janella Salvador
  9. Leila Alcasid's Crescent Bangs

    To usher in 2020, Leila Alcasid decided to get crescent bangs. It was a far cry from her long wavy tresses, which she had until she decided to join the lob bandwagon last year. We love her chosen fringe style because of its versatility!

    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Leila Alcasid
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  10. Jane De Leon's Wispy Bangs

    We're totally sure that Jane De Leon's wispy bangs inspired everyone to get one, too because check out how good she looked! This style is perfect for those with square and round face shapes. Time to screenshot this and show it to your hairstylist!

    Celebrity Bangs 2020: Jane De Leon
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